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Our natural heritage is under threat

With reference to Restricted entry by Himanshu Thakkar (June 10), given the alarming level of global warming, there are already reports about the extinction of many species in our country.

india Updated: Jun 14, 2009 23:25 IST
Hindustan Times

With reference to Restricted entry by Himanshu Thakkar (June 10), given the alarming level of global warming, there are already reports about the extinction of many species in our country. This will affect India’s rich biodiversity and livelihoods alike. Despite all this, the limited participation of the environment ministry in Cabinet proceedings is likely to de-motivate environment lovers and activists. We should learn from countries like Canada, which have passed the world’s first ‘environment accountability’ law.

Sourabh Nagpal, via email

A vote for change

In the article A Pawar play gone awry (Beyond the byte, June 12), Rajdeep Sardesai’s contention that the Trinamool’s recent success has been to identify itself with a Bengali subnationalism is far from the truth. Parties like Amra Bangali never met with success in West Bengal elections. The reason Mamata was successful lies in the misrule of the CPI(M) for the last 32 years. It was more of a vote against CPI(M) than in favour of any other party. It seems that sitting in Delhi, Sardesai has not been able to understand the dynamism of this year’s election in Bengal.

Bidyut Kumar Basu, via email

A battle we can ill afford

It’s scary to learn that the Maoists are supplanting the government in large swathes of the country, winning hearts through public works. If not liquidated determinedly now, then Sri Lanka’s LTTE saga and Pakistan’s Swat story will be replicated in our country. It is doubtful if our traditional squeamishness, and the clout of civil rights busybodies, will permit us to handle a confrontation of that magnitude.

Bishan Sahai, via email

No more free rides

With reference to the report Didi to cancel Lalu’s pass (June 12), kudos to Mamata Banerjee for cancelling the self-issued, free lifetime train travel passes for Lalu and others. The new minister is right in saying that railway facilities belong to the common man and not to politicians, Perhaps it is time to review all such ‘free’ schemes launched by outgoing ministers during their tenures, at the expense of the common man and the tax payers.

JN Mahanty, Puri

A more harmonious approach

Home Minister P Chidambaram’s recent remarks that the state police of J&K will have a greater role now in local matters than in the present arrangement is a promising step, as is his visit to the troubled state. Kashmiri separatists have kept the issue alive and the PDP is only adding fuel to the fire. Now that the National Conference is in power and is also an ally of the UPA at the Centre, there can be better coordination in dealing with the situation.

RK Kutty, Bhopal

A case of misplaced priorities

Apropos of the article Law in the Dock by Hardev Singh Mattewal (June 11), the judiciary’s lack of accountability must be urgently addressed by the government. HT must be commended for reporting on the matter, but for every case that gets reported, there are many others that go unnoticed. What’s even more shocking is that such issues are never discussed seriously or at length in Parliament. Our leaders have enough time to oppose the women’s quota bill, but seem too busy to discuss the need for improving the working of the judiciary.

Varun Kathuria, via email


Our judicial system is ailing with respect to appointments, promotions as well as the removal of corrupt judges. A huge backlog of court cases, lack of infrastructure and unfilled posts are other failures of the system. There has been constant talk of ‘judicial reforms’ but it has not produced any results. The new law minister must change all that and give the problem the attention it deserves.

Sudhangshu Laha, Delhi

First Published: Jun 14, 2009 23:21 IST