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Our true task in religion

We have forgotten that God is one and His only expectation from us is love for our fellow humans.

india Updated: Jan 10, 2007 17:42 IST

Today, the definition of religion has changed. It seems that in many cases, a Hindu is not a Hindu anymore, he is anti-Muslim and likewise, a Muslim is not a Muslim but an anti-Hindu.

This explains why a follower of one religion thinks of himself as not akin to those of another. On the contrary, he treats him as his enemy. The teachings of religion have vanished from his vision and the feelings of love, brotherhood and sacrifice, which are the essence of true religion, are overtaken by hatred, enmity and selfishness.

Man has forgotten that God is one and His only expectation from creation is love and sacrifice for one’s fellow creatures. Those who love their fellow beings love Him best. He does not wish us to worship Him as an idol. He expects us to be rational and rationality de mands goodwill to all fellow beings, irrespective of caste colour or creed.

Obviously in the early days, men of different regions were different in language, features and food habits due to geographical factors. But basically all human beings are alike. The entire universe and all mankind living in it are God’s creation. So why do we kill, burn and rape? Is it not shameful?

The very purpose of religion as envisaged in the preaching of prophets is love and dedication to humanity. How sad it is that the very purpose of religion has been defeated! Do we pause even for a moment to consider that as enlightened members of society in the 21st century, we should take it to heart that we owe it to God to fight against this current frenzy of religious fundamentalism tooth and nail? We owe it to the Almighty to make people realise that they have been totally misguided by the preachers and perpetrators of this fundamentalism in God’s name.

It is better to be non-Hindu and non-Muslim than to be anti-Muslim or anti-Hindu. How we pray is private business. But living together peacefully is God’s enjoined duty on us as members of the human family.

First Published: Jan 09, 2007 17:34 IST