Pestilential Patagonians
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Pestilential Patagonians

Arvind Kejriwal may soon run out of colourful abuses, we suggest he borrows a few from Captain Haddock.

india Updated: Feb 28, 2012 21:51 IST
Hindustan Times

Nothing unites the political class as much as a well-aimed insult. Or, in this case, a volley of abuse. Subtlety and finesse, as we have seen from the heyday of the Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign, are not the hallmarks of Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal. But sometimes the dear man gets carried away by his own eloquence. He was at his vituperative best recently in Noida, terming politicians rapists, robbers and murderers. He saw a conspiracy in the Samajwadi Party’s promise of free laptops for children. Clearly a ploy to pocket commissions in a state which does not have enough power to charge the laptops, thundered Mr Kejriwal.

The political reaction across parties ranged from dismissal to outrage. But then, we should not be so judgmental of the very judgmental Mr Kejriwal. Indignation and ire, combined with a few undemocratic methods, is the calling card of Team Anna. So Team Anna consists of a former policewoman who specialises in innovative accounting systems, a right to information activist whose descriptive abilities leave us speechless, a lawyer whose interpretation of the law has tied us up in knots and a ‘Gandhian’ leader who does not believe in sparing the rod and spoiling the errant. An odd anti-corruption caboodle if ever there was one. But now that he has spotted the flaws and the flawed, we could use Ms Bedi’s services to scrutinise the accounts of the ‘looters’ and as for the murderers and rapists, they are likely to get a flogging or two, if not a slap from the grand vizier of vigilance, Anna himself.

We suggest Mr Kejriwal reads a few Tintin comics and pick up some colourful descriptions from Captain Haddock. Next time, he may just get up on the podium and denounce all those political bashi-bazouks, baboons, brigands, ectoplasms and lily-livered landlubbers. For further insults, Mr Kejriwal just has to give us a call, we won’t reverse the charges.

First Published: Feb 28, 2012 21:50 IST