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Promoting our interests

Kim Jong Il has given his son a leg up. So why should we have to work our way up?

india Updated: Sep 29, 2010 22:59 IST
Hindustan Times

What North Korea does today, the world may not necessarily do tomorrow. And more’s the pity. The country’s leader Kim Jong Il has just given his elusive son Kim Jong Un a promotion to four-star general. That’s the way to go. Many may ask what the young lad has done to deserve this. This would be to split hairs. What is wrong with all these people who feel that even the children of powerful and rich people should earn their keep?

Look at our info-tsar Narayana Murthy. The dear man keeps harping on about how the iconic company is not for his children unless they work their way up. We go with Kim on this. If Infosys belonged to people who share our thoughts, the children would have been born in special retrofitted boardrooms and, before you could say Jack Robinson, would be cracking the whip around the corridors so that the faithful know just how much deference to show. Kim senior’s father set the trend. When his portly little son was born, he put it out that a star hovered over a log cabin in the mountain portending the divine qualities the child would come to have. And was he wrong? Not at all. Kim Jong Il showed a remarkable affinity for cigars, cognac and nubile lasses at an early age.

We ourselves are not averse to sudden promotions though they have been few and far between. But how rewarding it would be if one could loll around on some beach and on returning find the management on its knees begging us to take on the post of editor-in-chief. Of course, in keeping with our ingrained sense of ethics, we would refuse. But Kim has shown us that these qualms are totally misplaced. It is not that we are work shirkers, perish the thought. But like Kim, we feel that we are to the manner born. Well, we are off to get our new calling cards complete with new and improvised titles, just in case.

First Published: Sep 29, 2010 22:55 IST