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Quiz 'n' check: Your Mr Right

You've probably got a clear idea of what kind of guy floats your boat - but is such a guy interested in you? Ht Style helps you check your Mr Right.

india Updated: Feb 23, 2006 15:45 IST
HT Style
HT Style

You'veprobably got a clear idea of what kind of guy floats your boat, ­but is that kinda guy interested in you? What kind of guys do you attract? Good boys, geeks, or biker bad boys? HTStyle helps you take the test to find out!

1. Which of these descriptions fit you best?

A. Strong and confident B. Clever and hardworking C. Creative and individual

2. You mostly listen to:

A. Electronic / Hip Hop B. Pop / Old Classical songs C. Rock/Indy

3. What's more likely to be in your handbag?

A. Make-up and brush B. A book C. MP3 player

4. If we gave you Rs. 10,000 you'd spend it on:

A. A designer handbag, shoes and sunglasses B. A savings account C. A mad week of travelling with friends

5. Rules are made for?

A. Breaking B. Obeying C. Making you miserable

6. You'd prefer to eat at:

A. A fast food place or bar B. Home C. A fashionable restaurant

7. Which best describes your style of dress?

A. Sporty, but very sexy B. Smart and casual but conservative C. Scruffy, but cool

8. You get most annoyed with people who:

A. Disrespect you B. Are stupid C. Follow the crowd like sheep

9. The best thing you've got to offer a guy is your:

A. Hot looks B. Clever chat C. Great sense of humour


Mostly As: Bad boys! He's got the look, he's got the gear and, most of all, he's got the attitude. Bad boys love you because you look good, always sport the hottest fashions and don't take crapola from anyone. Bad boys can be funny, sexy and cool and often have hidden depths. Mostly

Bs: Brainy Boys! From science geeks to straight A swots you've got exactly what brainy boys want. You're clever, easy to talk to and believe there's more to life than make-up and hair-dos. Brainy boys can be interesting, sensitive and very thoughtful. Mostly

Cs: Brooding artists! They love thumping music, black clothing and brooding about life. And so do you - that's why they're hot for you. The brooding artists are cool because they are often very deep, thoughtful and creative.

First Published: Feb 23, 2006 15:45 IST