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Reasonably priced, great features

With Chat 335, not only has Samsung stuck to the standard QWERTY design, but they’ve also added to the look and feel of the phone.
Hindustan Times | By Ashish Koshi, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 01, 2011 03:17 PM IST

Not only has Samsung stuck to the standard QWERTY design, but they’ve also added to the look and feel of Chat 335. The phone has a nice metallic frame, which gives it a classic look. The QWERTY keypad has been laid out well with all the keys being easy to reach. The optical trackpad in the middle is very convenient to use, plus it is very responsive as well. The back cover has a unique design and lends to a good grip on the Chat 335. Samsung Chat 335 boasts of many connectivity options. There’s your regular EDGE and GPRS where it’s not difficult to surf the internet, and you won’t face any problems with social networking either.

You can’t expect much with a strictly average screen, but nevertheless the Chat 335 can amuse the user for about half an hour. There’s audio support for MP3 and AAC+ and the video support includes playback for MP4 and H.264 formats. While audio is not the best feature of the Chat 335, the video is quite average. The FM Radio option is pretty good, but again it’s not the best that we’ve seen.

A 2 megapixel camera might not be one of the best features of the Chat 335, but it still delivers a good images. The colours are not too washed out, but it should also be noted that the pictures should be of the highest resolution possible. The images are at a poor resolution and don’t look good enough on the mobile screen either. Indoor shots are not as good as outdoor ones, but are pretty average.

Good battery life
Another feature that impresses us quite a bit is its good battery life. Samsung phones don’t generally boast of such features and it gets drained due to camera usage. But with your average everyday calls, texting and some multimedia usage, the Chat 335’s battery runs for quite a while. A single full charge will last you a day and a half, or maybe even two. The battery is a good feature.

Bottom line
The Chat 335 is priced at Rs. 5,800 which, at first glance, seems to be a good price. Now, the question that remains is whether it's a good choice for text-heavy people or the 24/7 online social networking kinds. If you can manage with an average camera and average multimedia support, this phone is really worth a buy. It's not the best, but can fall in the value-for-money category.

Rating- ****

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