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Rebirthing of Ancient Civilizations: Part II

The first law of the new physics is that there is no such thing as cause and effect, for that presupposes a past, a present and a future.

india Updated: Jan 31, 2004 17:00 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

The usual state of consciousness is to do something to achieve something; that is, there has to be a goal towards which the mind moves, whenever an action takes place. So this rebirthing is also a move towards achieving the consciousness of the Zep Tepi, or the First Times, when the Adam Kadmon was the Ideal Human on Earth.

For example, the Vedic Rishis had a goal; they sought Immortality as a final glorious end to the cycle of birth and rebirth. Other civilizations like the French and English embarked on the quest for the Elixir of Youth, somewhat similar to the goal of immortality of the Vedic Culture. The knowledge contained in the Dead Sea Scrolls has now been translated into a voluminous study of the Ascended Human!

The New Age Human has to change the modalities of his earthly life, and all this corporeal physicality must acquire a new suppleness, somewhat like liquid light. He must free himself from his dependence on coarse matter to sustain himself, discover "Light" as the new source of energy, and peak into what can be called the intermediary 'deathless' state.

This state will then be the stepping-stone towards allowing the required transformations for the human to live at the speed of thought and light, and truly become a Co-Creator with God. The true change will occur when we can change the Physical conditions on Earth, and make of it an entirely New Creation.

There lives a Yogi in Gujarat State of India, who has lived off the "Light" of the Sun for many years, and is strong and healthy, even though he is in his seventies. Remember our ancients were all Sun-Worshippers, for they knew the true Power that could be absorbed into the human body, to sustain itself without ingesting food and water.

Lord Krishna calls this material world "Maya", or an illusory world, as He can change all matter into its composite vibrations, and refashion these vibrations into anything that he desires. In this state, our three dimensional linear time ceases to exist.

The first law of the new physics is that there is no such thing as cause and effect, for that presupposes a past, a present and a future. This law states that every second is 'new' and is a law unto itself! The greatest resistance to this theory will be in the minds of those beings, who function totally from the brain centre, without involving the 'heart and soul' in its communications and understandings.

The highly organized mind is completely crystallized, or shall I say 'fossilized' hard as a rock, as it wishes to let things continue as before, in the old state of ignorance of this new law.

The ancient libraries, which are in the process of being unearthed at this particular juncture in human history, are not being discovered as a sort of co-incidental happenstance. It is the Great Divine Plan at work. For Now is the time when these teaching become relevant, as humans have given soul-permission for bringing Heaven on Earth.

When we learn to look at life through the highest vibrations that our souls are capable of, everything around us becomes buoyant, light and supple. All the hardness, the rigidity changes into a cohesive mass of matter, as if each atom is sharing its light with every other atom, as if there is a web of light around, where the auras of one object merge into another, with scintillating effect.

What we call 'miracles' now, cease to be so, as the reality of their experience transgresses the limits and boundaries of the human mind. They appear to be so simple, so natural, and the only absolute power which we can exert.

Let us move, in fast forward mode, into these times, aided and assisted by 'history unearthed' for this very purpose!

Part I

First Published: Jan 31, 2004 16:30 IST