Sai’s secret services
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Sai’s secret services

Some worldly wisdom for godmen and women: settle your legacy in this avatar.

india Updated: Nov 20, 2011 11:55 IST
Hindustan Times

First it was Sai and the chamber of secrets, now a devotee Isaac Tigrett promises an even greater secret, that he is the living will of the pasha of Puttaparthi. This is a delicious turn of events for those of us who have watched with horrified fascination over the years as secrets upon secrets have tumbled out of the forbidden palace of the Afro-avatar.

What could this secret be? we wonder. Was he actually a reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix? Did he leave all this cash, gold and silver lying around so that it could be dispensed to needy editorial writers after he shrugged off the mortal coil? Is he actually still alive and now moseying around in a tropical paradise? We await Tigrett’s revelation with bated breath. The secrecy surrounding Sai Baba is of a piece with the controversial exit of many godmen. Take Osho, for example. We still don’t know if he went off to the playboy mansion in the sky a happy man or if his exit was hastened by Medici-like mortal hands. We suggest that other godmen and women pre-empt the prospect of some shyster coming along and setting themselves as their representatives after they evolve into the next avatar. They must dispense with their assets while still breathing, indeed breathing very hard as Swami Ramdev does. This way the devotees won’t be waiting to exhale.

Ramdev, when he is not breathing fire against corruption, must bequeath his yogic inhale-exhale technique, perhaps to Kapil Sibal. Amritanandamayi, the hugging amma, could give her trademark clinch to someone like LK Advani who could do with a bit of affection. Of course, if we had thought of it before, Maharishi Mahesh yogi could have left his levitation technique to Manmohan Singh to enable him to float above the fray at will. So, let us wait to see whether Tigrett will come up with something substantial. Or when the hour of reckoning comes, will he have the courage to Sai it like it is.

First Published: Jun 22, 2011 22:32 IST