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Sanctions possible if Iran remains defiant: Straw

The British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said this after the five permanent members of the UNSC met in Berlin.
None | By Agence France-Presse, Berlin
UPDATED ON MAR 30, 2006 08:49 PM IST

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on Thursday said that sanctions could follow if Iran remains defiant and refuses to halt its uranium enrichment programme as demanded by the UN Security Council.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of the five permanent Council members and Germany, Straw said Wednesday's non-legally-binding presidential statement had given Iran 30 days to freeze its uranium enrichment programme.

Asked if the Council might pass a legally binding resolution if Iran did not comply, Straw said, "It can certainly include a resolution before the Security Council and the possibility of measures after that."

Asked if such measures could include sanctions, Straw said: "It could do."

Iran "miscalculated" the international community's response to its decision to resume sensitive nuclear research, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said in Berlin on Thursday.

"We have shown very great patience with Iran, they in turn have miscalculated. They thought the international community would be divided on this issue but, truthfully, it has become more and more united," he said after the five permanent members of the UN Security Council met in Berlin.

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