Schools to move court

Two Delhi schools are challenging the Delhi High Court's recommendation for nursery admissions.

india Updated: Dec 15, 2006 15:17 IST

Parents planning to apply in some of the leading schools in the city for the admission of their child to the nursery class may have to wait yet.

Two schools, Vasant Valley and Shri Ram, have decided to challenge the Delhi High Court order recommending a 100-point scale for nursery admissions, in the Supreme Court.

“Shri Ram and Vasant Valley are filing a special leave petition with the Supreme Court on Thursday against the High Court's decision. The High Court has not even heard our objections and has fixed January 17 as the next date of
hearing. But it has asked schools to go ahead with the admission process. The criteria fixed by the Ganguly Committee has not been thought out well,” said Manju Bharat Ram, chairperson of the Shri Ram Society.

Bharat Ram says things will become clear only after the Supreme Court reopens in early January and hears the case. “We will take any further decision on admissions in nursery on the basis of what the court says,” she added. Vasant Valley principal Arun Kapur confirmed the same and said that the schools were looking for direction from the apex court.

“This is not merely about the Ganguly Committee's recommendations. This is a larger issue pertaining to the autonomy of private schools,among others.We had approache d the Supreme Court earlier, but were told to go back to the High Court, which we did. But we are back to the apex court once again,” said Kapur.
Both the schools are yet to announce their admission schedule. “It is impossible to go ahead in a scenario where new rules are being introduced every other day,” said Bharat Ram.

First Published: Dec 15, 2006 15:17 IST