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Silent for a reason!

Sush prefers to remain secretive about her current relationship.

india Updated: Feb 03, 2007 19:17 IST

She has been quite open about her relationships in the past, but Sushmita Sen is, for the first time, tight-lipped about her latest boyfriend Manav. Read on to know the diva's account.

How has life been treating you?
Fabulously! I'm 31 and rocking. And, though I do at times explore the possibility of other options, I wouldn't have my life any other way. 2006 has been personally tough. But I'm an eternal optimist. I say, 'All right god, you've chosen me for this tough test. But please don't make it into a habit.' I'm his favourite child. I wish the same for everyone.

There's an insatiable appetite to know more about your current man Manav. Why are you, for once, so secretive about your relationship?
As you get acclimatised to the media, you adopt a less bindaas approach to the limelight. Right now I feel this is my life and I don't need to justify myself. As you mature with time, you realise relationships aren't just about one person. The privacy of the other party in a relationship does matter. I may not be secretive about the relationship. The other person is. That's it.

It isn't easy, specially, when pushed to a corner about being answerable about my relationship. As long as I can answer without compromising the other person, I do it. I can't let other people suffer for the choices I make in life. People are most welcome to be inquisitive about my life. I do enjoy sharing it.

So, is this relationship more serious, therefore more private?
No the secrecy, as you call it, is purely because the person has asked me not to talk about it. I'd rather choose what my heart tells me to. I've a tremendously strong conscience. I'd never do something that makes me uncomfortable.

Do you feel the need to find a man who loves you for what you are rather than for being 'The Sushmita Sen'?
God! You always did come up with wonderful questions. God knows the image is of no importance to me. And you can't go on looking for love. It would hardly depend on who I am. It'd greatly depend on who he is. I believe all these relationships that you go through in life are actually a part of that cosmic design where love and marriage finally finds you. I believe that will happen to me also.

First Published: Feb 02, 2007 18:03 IST