Single and male? No entry for you

Mumbai pubs and bars follow nightclub rule and adopt ‘no stags’ policy on weekends, force large groups of men to pay entry fee.

india Updated: Mar 28, 2012 13:25 IST
Rochelle Pinto
Rochelle Pinto
Hindustan Times

Whoever said it’s a man’s world obviously wasn’t talking about Mumbai. The city’s nightlife has dealt its male population another blow, with bars now following the nightclub rule of stopping stag parties from entering.

Charlotte Ward, who manages Canvas at the Palladium, explains that they were forced to implement the rule after a nasty fight broke out on the premises recently. “Two guys got into a fight over a girl, and things got bloody,” she recalls, adding, “We don’t allow a group of more than three single guys in, if it’s a busy night.” She reveals that a mixed group, where men are more likely to spring for expensive drinks, is more cost effective than a bunch of beer drinkers.


Kishore DF, proprietor of suburban bars WTF! and Big Nasty, explains that the move was to protect their female customers: “New bars have become aggressive lately. Men are more forward, which makes women feel insecure.” Suved Lohia, owner of Bandra’s Rehab, explains: “Where there’s alcohol involved, behaviour gets boisterous. I’ve requested people to leave, even though they’d booked an expensive table.”

The only way to circumvent the rule is to arrive early, or shell out a heavy sum. As graphic designer Dylan Drego says, “Even if your friends are inside, you have to call a female friend to the door before they let you in. Or pay a crazy cover charge, which doesn’t exist otherwise.”

First Published: Mar 28, 2012 13:20 IST