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Social networking: Sexy?

Are you on Orkut? It’s a simple question. And one that’s asked a zillion times a day across India, writes Steven Baker.

india Updated: Jun 07, 2012 17:12 IST
Steven Baker

Are you on Orkut? It’s a simple question. And one that’s asked a zillion times a day across India. Yet only five years ago, being confronted with such hip lingo would have left you puzzled. Skip to 2008. Not knowing what Orkut is would lead your peers today to think you’ve landed from Mars.

Social networking sites are an essential part of our lives. A glance at the subject line of my inbox reveals “Manoj Kumar has sent you a Hi5 friend request” and “Orkut invitation to join from Nitin Yadav”. Every day we receive invites and requests from the latest cool-sounding site wanting our membership: Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Bebo (does Kareena Kapoor have a side line?). What exactly is social networking anyway? The phrase is suitably ambiguous. Has anyone figured out the purpose of networking socially? Is it to keep in touch with our current friend circle? Find old friends? Find new friends? Or something else?

Orkut, seemingly the most popular social networking site in India, seems to be populated by 18-30somethings. Many of its members seem to be male and — no big surprise here — lots of them seem to be looking for sex.
We seem to have discovered, if not the purpose of such sites, then the reason for their popularity. Orkut offers over a 1,000 results if you’re seeking sex in the city. ANY FEMALE LUKIN FR SEX IN DELHI. How can you resist that capital lettered plea? Or send a message to PLAYBOY. My **** is hungry wanna sex. The Hindi/English mix works for me in a Bollywood film title Jab We Met kind of way. But marks lost for the poor grammar. Naughty boy.

If you’re more serious about your social networking, why not become part of a community of like-minded individuals? Bored Delhiites looking for timepass, why not join the other 9,371 members on ‘Delhi Sex Booms’. This is a community for those who love to have sex, but for some reason they never did, or those people who want more sex with different people.

If that doesn’t rock your boat, how about ‘Classy Sex in Delhi’? Or my personal fave, ‘South Delhi Aunty Sex Club’. Well, this club is for aunties who can have fun.

The users intentions are quite clear, even if their spelling and grammar isn’t. There are a multitude of sex-seekers out there. Although bizarrely, lots of them seem to look uncannily like Brad Pitt, or Hrithik Roshan. At least that’s what their picture would suggest. So, are you on Orkut?