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Stars are not above the law

Apropos of the story Guilty or framed? (June 16), if Shiney Ahuja is convicted of raping his domestic help, it will definitely be a blot on the entire film industry.

india Updated: Jun 16, 2009 22:20 IST
Hindustan Times

Stars are not above the law

Apropos of the story Guilty or framed? (June 16), if Shiney Ahuja is convicted of raping his domestic help, it will definitely be a blot on the entire film industry. In India film stars are considered to be role models for youngsters. It is true that jumping to any conclusion at this stage would be unfair, for it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether Ahuja committed the crime or not. But there can be no smoke without fire. If proven guilty, Ahuja will shatter the larger-than-life image that surrounds actors. He should, then, be punished severely to ensure that celebrities don’t misuse their star power.
Surinder Datt, Bhopal

BJP needs to reinvent itself
This is with reference to Vir Sanghvi’s article BJP war within has just begun (June 15). L.K. Advani has been holding the party together for years now. Under his leadership, people seem to have forgotten that there are other able politicians in the BJP. After losing the general election, he spoke about wanting to retire from politics. This has given rise to an internal war in the BJP over is the next in line for the top post. Had Advani assigned responsibilities to politician in the BJP and given them ranks, the present problem wouldn’t have arisen. It is important for the BJP to settle its internal dispute and revive itself at the earliest.
GK Arora, Delhi

The discontent among BJP members after the party’s defeat in the general election is disheartening. They should understand that their squabbling over petty issues will ultimately affect national development. The party should have realised that a campaign based on Hindutva, constructing Ram temple in Ayodhya and accusing the Prime Minister of being a weak politician would not get it votes. It is clear that the BJP has run out of ideas for national development and political stability. It seems to have forgotten that the lack of a strong Opposition will affect the nation adversely.
SK Shah, Delhi

Stop idolising cricketers
It would be wrong to berate the Indian team for losing to England in the T20 World Cup. It was a mistake on our part to expect the team to win after it registered victories against weak opponents. Also, the game’s new format is at a nascent stage and players are still adjusting to it. But it wouldn’t be wrong to raise a few questions on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s performance. A cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar has always been wary of changing his playing style, but Dhoni did not think twice before experimenting in a match as crucial as Sunday’s game.
Babita Khokhar, via email

Now that India is out of the T20 World Cup and the blame game has begun, there is a need for fans to realise their folly. It is the common man who puts players on a pedestal and expects them to win every game they play. We pamper and worship them. The grand welcome that the team received in Mumbai last year after winning the T20 World Cup is a testimony to this. This defeat is as much a lesson for the team as it is for fans, the media and corporates, which use cricketers to promote their products.
HR Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore

The reality behind relief funds
This is with reference to the report Don’t make a donation to the CM (June 12). It is heartening to see that the media is efficiently performing its duty of exposing corruption in public institutions. It is astonishing to see how corruption has spread to government relief funds too. Be it the central or the state relief funds, people rarely get any benefit from them. In the case of the Punjab Chief Minister’s relief fund, it was used to buy Diwali gifts, organise personal functions and to provide medical treatment to MLAs. There is a need to conduct a proper audit and see that, in future, money reaches those who really need it. I congratulate HT for exposing malpractices in public institutions.
BK Sinha, Varanasi

First Published: Jun 16, 2009 22:18 IST