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Sudarshan walking on thin ice

THE RSS Sarsanghchalak Mr K S Sudarshan has prescribed ?complete Hinduisation? as the panacea for all the ills plaguing our country. The rationalifty and logic of this prescription is eminently debatable.

india Updated: Jul 23, 2006 18:59 IST

THE RSS Sarsanghchalak Mr K S Sudarshan has prescribed ‘complete Hinduisation’ as the panacea for all the ills plaguing our country. The rationalifty and logic of this prescription is eminently debatable.

There is hardly any country in this world which does not believe in its ‘glorious past’. However, if that belief comes in the way of identifying and analysing the mistakes of the past, then that country can never expect to build a glorious future for itself, no matter how glorious its past was.

Mr Sudarshan firmly believes that a flawless politico-socio-economic system obtained in ancient India and that it were the British who dismantled it.

In his address at a function in Bhopal in connection with the centenary celebrations of RSS’s second Sarsarghchalak Mr M S Golwalkar recently, Mr Sudarshan said that the British rulers had destroyed the ancient, caste-based socio-economic set-up of India.

Significantly, he absolved Muslim rulers of all blame on this count. Mr Sudarshan said that before the arrival of the British on the Indian scene, the country’s socio-economic system ensured work for every single person. The system was de-centralised and every village was an autonomous Republic. He also claimed that the pre-British India had an excellent judicial system.

The Gram Panchayats dispensed absolutely unbiased, quick and effective justice. Mr Sudarshan was insistent that unlike the popular perception, the lower castes had easy access to education in India. No historical facts, however, are available in support of Mr Sudarshan’s contention.

One is tempted to ask Mr Sudarshan whether, in that glorious era, the society accorded equal rights to the Dalits, whether untouchability was practised, whether Brahmins taught the Shudras and whether the Shudras were allowed entry into the temples.

The RSS chief was strongly critical of those who credit the British with forging India into one nation. He insisted that due to Hindu religion, Hindu rituals and Hindu traditions, India was always one nation. Mr Sudarshan’s claim cannot stand the scrutiny of facts.

Even conceding that India was one nation before the arrival of the British, there is little doubt that it were the British who made India a nation-state.

The British can also rightfully claim the credit for building the system for exercising control over the vast Indian nation-state. This system included the Railways, a network of highways, a common currency, postal and telegraph infrastructure, All India Radio, a Central Bank and an army. Such a system never existed in the pre-British India.

Mr Sudarshan poured scorn over the Indian Constitution. He described it as a mere elaborate version of the Government of India Act, 1935. Mr Sudarshan probably forgot that the GOI Act, 1935, did not contain fundamental rights, it did not contain Directive Principles of state policy, it did not outlaw untouchability and it did not talk of education.

More importantly, it did not provide for the election of the Central government. Neither did it provide for separation of the judiciary, the legislature and the executive.

Mr Sudarshan also claimed that the Father of the Indian Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar had once said that if he had his way, he would consign the Constitution to the flames.

Mr Sudarshan also quoted Dr Ambedkar as having said that he was a mere ‘Bhade Ka Tattoo’ hired to draft the Constitution. Whether Dr Ambedkar made these statements is a matter of research.

Interestingly, in his more than two-hour-long speech, Mr Sudarshan did not have a word to say on what the RSS did against the British who had “destroyed Indian nation and its ideal de-centralised socio-economic set-up”.

The RSS chief advised the Muslims and the Christians to be loyal to this country. This, without doubt, amounts to insulting the two communities, the members of which are second to none in their loyalty and commitment towards India.