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Surfer's say: Smile

In this world nothing comes for free, but there is something which can be exchanged for free i.e smile... writes author Mukesh Setia.

india Updated: Apr 10, 2006 12:53 IST

In this world nothing comes for free, for everything we have to consume money, but there is something which can be exchanged for free, and in terms the person in front of us and we, both will feel good.

That something is a simple-cool 'smile'.

Smile provides, never snatches. Smile is a language in its own, which everyone can comprehend- age/culture has no barrier; your little smile is a complete statement.

Smile heals; it has extraordinary fragrance of love for humanity. Your Smile can control someone's loneliness-hopelessness. Smile cleans every fear, gives you more grip on handling tough times.

Smile rescues.

The Smile has tremendous power, gives you a feeling of touch, an honest-positive compliment and above all it has power to turn everything in positivism around you.

The one, who receives, gathers lots of support-courage-trust and happiness around her/him. And the one who gives becomes more beautiful in her/his personality.

Smile makes us feel comfortable and automatically increases positivism in us. If they don' t want to smile at you, you give them yours, they will definitely value that, if not now then soon.

Smile is that candle (remains at same size) whose beam provides light straight to the heart and sets you at peace.

Smile provides you the meaning of your existence.
Smile makes you spiritually strong, increases you kindness; you understand more.

Remember: Smile is a source of another smile.
So Smile, because you can…you really can.

Mukesh Setia
Teacher and Author, Delhi

First Published: Apr 10, 2006 12:53 IST