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Surfer's story: The ill-mannered man

Here is a story about a person who falls into trouble because of his rough behaviour..., writes Divya Singh. Your contribution

india Updated: Oct 31, 2006 16:06 IST

How would you react to a person who talks to you rudely or in a harsh tone? May be you will shout back or make faces when he is not seeing you. Or you will avoid talking with him in any circumstances. Isn't it?

Here is a story about a person who falls into trouble because of his rough behaviour. Atish was a senior executive in a multinational company. But all his juniors were fed up because of his harsh tone of speaking.

Whenever his secretary would do any mistake, he would shout back in such a loud voice that everyone in the office could clearly listen to it. Whenever the peon will forget to keep a glass of water on his desk, he would just go and scold him publicly repeating the same line again and again, "It is the height of everything; enough is enough" and then whole office will echo with the sound of slapping. This happened even if the intensity of mistake was too small.

One day, Atish came in the office in the morning. Everyone stood up to greet him horrified as if some dictator is passing by. But one old chap, Mr. Pramod did not notice him. Seeing such disobedience, Atish screamed, "How dare you disobey me? Am I nothing to you? You must be suspended." Terrified, Mr. Pramod stood up and answered in a trembling tone, "sirrr... I am sorry…really… I didn't see you, I know it is a serious fault, I will willingly accept any other punishment, but for god's sake don't suspend, please…my family will die out of hunger..." "Then it will be nice job to do, it is the best punishment you can get.

Bring your papers and say good bye to all of your fellows…now…QUICK!!" Mr. Pramod shook as he said the last word angrily. After Atish went inside, Mr. Pramod sat down disheartened, unnoticing the eyes of whole staff glaring at him with sympathy. This type of drama occurred in the office almost everyday.

Everyone lived in the fear of Atish. But they couldn't do anything except making faces at his back or complaining to their fellows. They were helpless and hopeless. However the dictatorship of Atish was short lived. One day, to his bad fate, the same incident happened again.

A new client had come to his office for a deal. He waited at his office for long. Atish, came in the cabin in a hurry, after a lot of scolding at his P.S. and sat down at his chair. So, the client began, "so, I would say you are quiet busy these days…" "No, not at all. Actually my P.S. is hard of hearing, so when he types wrong, I have to scold him." The client asked surprisingly, "then it is not his mistake. You should have been politer to him."

"So, I suppose you have come here for advocating to me that how should I administer my juniors. Isn't it?" "No it's not that. But sweet-talking always helps. Haven't you heard that old but true saying…" by this time Atish had lost his temper, and he shouted at him "if you are so much interested in my job, then better go to a lawyer and file a case against me. You bloody creatures, always putting their nose in everything.

But let me warn you, keep your nose with you only, it can also happen that someone like me might cut your nose and hand it to you…." "What an abusive language you are using! Don't you have manners to talk to anyone?" "Manners, what manners?

You must go to class V and learn them and then come to me, ok?" "That's too much. I have to do no more deal with you. Thanks a lot for your cooperation. Bye. Have a good day." The client marched out. Atish was thunderstruck unable to utter a single word.

Divya Singh, D.A.V. Public School, Delhi-92

First Published: Oct 31, 2006 16:06 IST