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SurferSpeak | Reward for damning Dalmiya

Surfers slam Ganguly's selection in the Champions Trophy probables.

india Updated: Aug 11, 2006 17:11 IST

Cricket, or is it politics of cricket, never seems to leave India. Indians seem more interested in politics of the game than the game itself, so it seems.

Sourav Ganguly's inclusion in the probables for Champions Trophy is a case in point. We asked our surfers if they thought the decision was justified. There were fair numbers on either sides, those opposed being slightly more.

Here's how it went.

Certainly not justified

Ravichandan,writing from Bangalore, said Ganguly's inclusion in the probables' list for the ICC Champions trophy was the most ridiculous thing done by the new management of the BCCI.

"The very reasons for his omission (poor form and lack of discipline) remain. He has managed to score runs in the English county against the second division sides, so how can he perform better against international sides?

From the time Chappell took over as coach, all the players were supposed to be picked up, only based upon their present performance and not on past laurels. So what about the particular selection now? This also goes on to say that politics is still very much part of cricket team selection in India, as we all remember what happened in the CAB elections held just days before."

Raj, Dubai, UAE felt there were enough reasons to drop Sourav and certainly not enough reasons to bring him back.

"This clearly shows that selections are not based on cricketing reasons but politics. The more More opens his mouth justifying the selections, the more foolish he sounds."

Bikram, writing from Adelaide in Australia, said, "It is a step backward. This guy is not making runs anymore. How would you justify this inclusion?"

Rakesh from Mumbai felt his name had blocked one deserving player. He further asked, "Is poor form the criteria for including his name in the list?"

Thailand's Rajiv felt this was a clear case of politics.

"No, it is not justified.

Sourav has not done well in the recent county championships neither he has performed well in the domestic cricket. What is the basis of his inclusion in the list of probables? If at all he is able to make his way in the final 14 for the Champions trophy, it shall have a negative effect for the team. I believe some deserving player has to be left out in the bargain.

So this is not a wise decision. It is pure politics."

Azzarv from Chennai felt it was the most foolish decision. He felt owing to politics many deserving players were missing the bus. According to him Hemang Badani was one such unfortunate player.

Here's how he put it.

"It is really a foolish decision to include Ganguly even in the list of 30 probables, especially when he was found wanting even against innocuous bowlers during his short stint in the English county recently.

He should have been firmly told not to entertain any false hopes of a comeback. When players like Hemang Badani are banished to the wilderness for no fault of theirs, how come a player like Ganguly who has got a pathetic record for the last three years or so can continue to enjoy the annual retainer fee? Badani's crime was he top-scored for India in the VB Series Finals in 2004 when the rest of the team crumbled like nine-pins without a fight.

Badani has always delivered especially in times of crisis, but then he has no godfather even in his native cricket association, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association.

Let the former and current Indian selectors not react violently at John Wright's rightful observations about the selection policies, nay politics, here."

Krishnamurthi from Kolkata, India was rather tongue-in-cheek.

"His recall is akin to a lollipop given to a child when he/she does something to please parents. Ganguly's e-mail to damn Dalmiya has earned him a reward from Pawar."

Yes, he deserves to be in

Sukanta Gupta from New Delhi felt India could not afford to ignore a player of his experience.

"With enormous treasure of experience and captaining Team India that won ICC Champions trophy in the past Sourav Ganguly should find place in the final-15 probables. In the mega event like this a shrewd strategist like Sourav is indispensable. You cannot ignore him."

Ratan Prasad from Toronto, Canada to put his weight behind Ganguly's inclusion. He felt his aggressive captaincy was needed. This is how he put it.

"A great player and the most successful captain of the Indian team had been left to fend for himself. He does deserve another chance. His aggressive captaincy was to a great extent responsible for all the victories that India registered under him. Don't push him out of the team... let him decide when it is time to hang the boots.

If performance alone is the reason for being in or out of the team than several players don't deserve to be there. His aggressive captaincy brought India to the no. 2 spot. He could put Aussies in their spot and that is exactly the reason why the current Aussie coach has got rid of him.

Let him play and serve the country."

Soumitra from Melbourne, Australia also felt he deserved a second chance.

"He is very keen to come back and prove himself. He went to play for the county even for a short stint just to remain match-fit. He certainly deserves another chance and without any claim to captaincy, with his renowned on-field aggression and vast experience, he should be able to give Dravid a genuine all-round support."

Ram Sethuraman from Mississauga, Canada too supported Ganguly. He said, "This is very good news for India. The next thing - kick Chappell out."

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Aug 11, 2006 13:43 IST