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SurferSpeak: Stop blaming umpires

Surfers hold the top-order batting collapse responsible for India's defeat.

india Updated: Sep 24, 2006 18:49 IST

India's defeat to Australiahas touched a raw nerve with our surfers. We asked them it was umpiring, chiefly, and not only poor batting that led to Indian team's ouster from DLF Cup.

A majority of them thought otherwise. It was primarily a top-order batting collapse that led to India's defeat. And they gave a variety of reasons.

Here's how they reacted.

Chandan from New Delhi felt bad batting and poor captaincy led to the disaster.

"Please do not blame poor umpiring for the terrible performance from our batsmen and also poor captaincy from Dravid who persisted too long with the part-time bowler to let the opposition batsmen get adjusted to it and then take full advantage of it."

"If Team India cannot improve its own performance, especially batting, it should bid farewell to its chances in Champions Trophy and World Cup."

RK Mehta of New Delhi felt India didn't have single reliable player.

"So, it is umpire-bashing time again. It is just a cover up for poor cricket played by the Indians. We do not have a single player who is consistent and can be relied upon."

Vicky Anand of Kuwait felt we must learn to accept defeat gracefully.

"We can analyse the reasons for the loss and can certainly come up with some ideas where we can improve our performance in the future. Umpires have made mistakes and will continue doing so." "After all they are humans too and this is what makes the game all the more interesting and engrossing. The umpires alone cannot be blamed for the defeat. To a larger extent our team is to be blamed for it. They should have planned it better."

"Let's hope they learn from their mistakes and bring glory to our country like the Kapil's devils did once a long time ago."

Kuldeep Singh of Chandigarh, India felt while bad umpiring wasn't good, bad batting contributed equally.

"I think 50 per cent of defeat was due to poor umpiring and the rest because of India's poor batting. I think our players do not know what their positions are. Very poor captaincy by Dravid is another reason."

"We need good leadership and good team. We may call Ganguly as captain, Anil Kumble should lead he spin attack and VVS Laxman should be the batsman who can stay for 50 overs on pitch. If at least two good batsmen last 50 overs then definitely India can beat Australia."

Asif of London, UK felt India caved in during run chase.

"I'm a Pakistani but I have to admit that there were two bad decisions by Asad Rauf which obviously did not help India's cause. Having said that India should have not made such a mess of the run chase. 214 should have been easily chased on that wicket. Still at 185-6, India had the match in its kitty. Then on things changed."

Laxman of Melbourne, Australia did his bit of interpretation.

"Yes, umpiring was poor. But when the going was good for India I think Ajit Agarkar played like a fool. He played rather immaturely given his experience. He needed to play the ball around so that Dinesh could have completed those runs. Where was the urgency for such rash stroke? No discipline at all."

"Harbhajan was very unlucky. Tail-enders should have left Dinesh to play and just defended their few balls. Instead of rash strokes should have played more sensibly. In the end our players played like jokers and did not have any game plan. Coach or skipper should have briefed tail-enders in advance. Sachin has once again failed in very critical situations."

"What can one expect of Virender who lacks footwork? He was bowled thrice for similar balls. Search for a strong lad with power hitting as opener. Like Chris Gayle or Matthew Hayden who can hit ball out of the court."

"Bowlers did their job well. India batsmen failed yet again. Kaif need to settle down with his nerves. He looks so tense and nervous. Dhoni is very shabby behind wickets in this tour. Perhaps he knows his place is firm and solid."

Manmohan of Kuwait agreed it was time for Ganguly to be given a break.

"It is umpiring and as usual top order collapse. I just can not think why we persevere with Sehwag. Giving him umpteen chance whilst deny giving chance to Ganguly."

Pankaj Niraula of Culpeper, USA felt India's problem is with its selection board.

"It was heart-breaking loss for India. The main problem for India is selection committee. If Kaif and Veeru paji are not in form for the last three to four series why then don't Chappell and rest give Ganguly another chance?"

Shailendra Kumar of Dubai, UAE felt Indians just couldn't play the Aussies.

"Let us stop fooling ourselves by blaming the umpires. It was a pity watching India playing against Aussies. They need to do the basics right rather than talking big. The Indian team has lost the game in their mind right from the word go."

"The experimentation of Greg Chappell and Rahul Dravid must stop. Chappell is not an Indian so such games will never affect him emotionally and he can therefore keep on playing with the ideas."

Jack from Scarborough, Canada felt even Sachin didn't play well.

"Though the umpiring wasn't brilliant, it was indeed a case of Indian batting exposed as so often it is..."

"It seems that they are plain scared of Australia. I can't believe Tendulkar of all people, who was called back to the crease, given a 'life' as stated in cricketing terms, who just threw his wicket away a few balls later. If India's champion submits so meekly then what hope has the rest of the team?"

"India should get a complete new set of players. These players are assured of their places, and hence don't care a damn about their performances. Let us get players who value the Indian cap and play like their life depended on it like the Australians do."

"I know it's asking a lot, but unless India starts following the Australian work ethics, there will be no glory at the end of the tunnel."

Shantanu from New Delhi, India felt that it was a case of bad man management.

"No. Umpiring was not responsible for India's ouster from DLF cup. It's the shuffling and regular changing of team composition has led to insecurity among the players who are now more concerned with survival than actually contributing for the team's cause."

"The poor man management skills of Rahul Dravid along with Chappell's one-point agenda is bound to destroy Team India. It will not be surprising that after the world cup, Chappell becomes the coach of Australia, because by that time he would have succeeded to destroy one team which could have challenged the Aussies."

Norbert from Dubai, UAE felt Indians always came up with excuses every time they lose.

"India always makes such excuses when they are defeated. Do they want to play with their umpires? There are three things in the game of cricket. Batting, bowling and fielding. Australia fulfils its commitments for all three not India. India is always on the back-foot. It's useless blaming umpires and their decisions."

Manohar from USA felt Indians lacked the hunger for victory.

"I believe umpiring is not the reason for defeat. It is lack of dedication and hunger for victory. India keep repeating mistakes by keeping players like Virender Sehwag, hoping he will play well in one out of ten matches. We need players who perform well consistently in seven out 10 matches. It is that simple."

Singapore's Santosh felt it was case of irresponsible batting by the Indian top order.

"Look at the batting display of our senior professionals. They failed miserably and have let the nation down by their insipid batting. Players like Sehwag, Dhoni and Raina need a break soon as success can gone to their heads. They look totally irresponsible."

"To top it all this experimentation in every game has confused batsmen to a hilt. Earlier they stop the better it would be for the team. Dravid was never an opening batsman and he never will be."

"It's a waste watching Indian batsmen play but the best thing to happen is the coming of age of Indian bowling which was never the scene before."

Ranjan from Toronto, Canada felt three mega mistakes by umpires cost India the match.

"The ICC should take note and introduce ball-by-ball viewing before deciding controversial decisions. It is not right to break the backbone of one team for the benefit of the other. I don't think Aussies are so good that such decisions may be ignored. Players like Dhoni who are new will not be encouraged by such mistakes. Even Ponting went into revulsion on Tendulkar's decision."

Pankaj from Minneapolis, USA felt umpiring was below par.

"Umpiring in the DLF series was way below international standards."

Karachi's Buland too felt third umpire should have been consulted.

"It is true umpiring was bad. Third umpire should be allowed to decide the case where disputes arise."

While Rajendra from Kuwait thought umpire undid India's chances.

"I feel bad umpiring decisions led to India's ouster from DLF Cup."

Amit from Varanasi, India agreed there were at least three bad umpiring decisions.

"Umpiring was substandard not only in case of Tendulkar but the same mistake was repeated in case of Dhoni and Harbhajan."

"It is true that batting was spineless. But India lost by 18 runs. Two 'great' decisions - one giving Dhoni out on a no ball and giving Harbhajan out for not touching the ball made all the difference," said Ravi Koli from Mumbai, India.

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Sep 24, 2006 15:29 IST