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Monday, Aug 19, 2019

SurferSpeak: 'US digging its own grave'

Surfers accuse the US of first propping a dictator and then killing him at will.

india Updated: Dec 31, 2006 14:28 IST

The execution of Saddam Hussein, the deposed dictator of Iraq, has shocked all. The flurry of mails shows it. While many were happy that he was finally done of death and had little mercy for the erstwhile dictator, they were many more who were sad that he was hanged and blamed the US for the act.

The happy lot

Those who were glad with the execution felt Saddam deserved it because he had been a ruthless dictator responsible for the death of thousands.

Virendra from Melbourne in Australia was brief in his approval of the event. "Yes, it was fully justified. It should have been done long back," he said.

Deepak from New Delhi, India had this to say.

"Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who killed thousands in Kuwait, Iran and in his very own country, Iraq. For his own selfish ambitions, he drew the blood of countless innocent civilians and created an environment of fear and suspicion in West Asia by invading neighbouring Iran and Kuwait."

"Hanging of Saddam Hussein is a fine example of the victory of good over evil."

Prof RK Gupta from Jodhpur, India in fact was of the opinion that he deserved to be tortured for his misdeeds.

"Too easy death for Saddam! He was a wild and savage person and had killed hundreds of innocent persons to grab and remain in power. He was having illusions of being a great leaders and champion of Arab world. His more than 40 years misconduct and brutality has come to easy end."

"Instead of being hanged, he should have been subject to intense and rigorous labour camp where each day of his would be hellish and unbearable. Such a treatment would send right message to all criminals in politics and killers about end to such wanton acts of brutality."

"By hanging him USA has not only taken blame for human rights violations but also has let Saddam escape with easy punishment. Anyway may his soul rest in peace."

Ashu Arora from Houston, USA agreed this was a fitting punishment for mass murderer like Saddam.

"I'm happy to see Saddam being executed. I guess anybody who has seen the pictures of massacre done under his command on Kurds and Shias will support this execution. I feel ashamed for our foreign minister, who is simply disappointed at his execution."

"In my view anybody who is supports Saddam and disappointed with his punishment is just a step away from terrorists."

The unhappy lot

However, a larger number of people thought the US was absolutely incorrect in executing Saddam Hussein.

Here's what they said.

Hanif Khan of Mumbai, India had this to say.

"No matter to what extent Saddam had been found guilty of, he should have been given the chance to defend himself before the deadline. This is clearly a message for Laden of how America is capable of acting when it comes to taking revenge, even if it is against democracy."

Godiyal was New Delhi, India was his caustic best.

"Saddam hanged! Good news indeed! May God rest in peace the soul of George Bush!"

Ravindran from Dubai, UAE was absolutely against capital punishment. He said, "In this world nobody has right to kill anybody except God. Death sentence should be banned all over the world."

Dave Dutta from New Delhi, India was quite clear the US had to be morally responsible for not only Saddam's execution but also the very fact of his being a dictator.

He said, "We must all realise that this was a different Saddam Hussein than the one who was brought into power by the CIA, supplied with nerve gas by one Donald Rumsfeld who was even photographed shaking hands with him, backed to the hilt in his war against Iran by Ronald Reagan for eight years and given the go-ahead to invade Kuwait by one April Glaspie."

Sonu from New Delhi, India said, "This is injustice to humanity as a fair trial was not done and this was all planned from the day he was captured. This proves that a powerful country can play with human lives and no one in this world has courage to tell them that they are wrong. Shame on you, America!"

P Fernandez of Mumbai, India was furious at the US at indulging in oil politics.

"Ok, so Saddam executed people (and that was wrong) but what about the number of people that were killed because Bush poked his nose into Iraq for oil?"

"Who gave America the right to act as moral police of the world? Wait and watch as this whole situation comes back around to slap America in the face."

Sonny Singh of Vancouver, Canada insisted that the same people who supported him in the years had now switched sides and executed him.

"As an Indian and a citizen of the world how can we be happy? Hundreds of thousands of people have died in this fake war and this man has been irrelevant in the last four years. War is a stain on the world - Hussein was supported by the same people who executed him now. For Iraq this is nothing more than a milestone in the unending saga of violence."

Ashwini of New Delhi, India insisted the US intentionally hanged Saddam.

"This is an unfortunate incident. In fact, it is the bad luck of America who intentionally hanged Saddam Hussein. Personalities like Saddam are seldom born."

Satbir Singh Bedi from New Delhi, India felt the US would have to live with the moral responsibility of killing one dictator while sparing others.

He said, "Saddam's execution cannot be justified because the killings, which he ordered were for the unity of Iraq and crushing of the rebellion. Many other dictators have resorted to such killings including the dictatorships in China, Pakistan and Myanmar. Would the USA be able to hang such dictators as well?"

"Moreover, Saddam had kept his country united and did not allow it to break into Shia and Sunni factions. Now, no one, not even the US can ensure the division of Iraq. Violence is still on despite American troops and the so-called Iraqi democracy."

"I do not agree with George Bush that Saddam's execution would pave the way for a democratic Iraq. Perhaps more blood will flow following his hanging."

V Krishnan of Chennai, India insisted that in not taking world opinion along, Bush and co were digging their graves.

He said, "Two wrongs don't make one right. May be Saddam was a brutal killer. But why such haste? After all he was world-leader and before action is taken against one of them others should be consulted before arriving at any decision. Did Bush consult the world leaders before invading Iraq? He did not have the approval of the United Nations. Where are the so-called weapons of mass destruction? Bush is digging his own grave."

Masood from Srinagar, India said, "I just want to say some thing regarding Saddam Hussein's execution. It is very sad that that the country and the heads of the country which is responsible for the global terrorism is terrorising Muslim community in all the ways it can. America is very much responsible for all the deaths taking place across the globe."

Parasa from Hyderabad, India was very sarcastic in his criticism of the US and its policies across the globe.

He said, "Sad! Damn Hussein.... Was he really so as portrayed? Who is not a friend of India? Saddam was and so are British, if not why would they put a stone from India on their queen's head?"

"I remember reading Omar Sheriff's (Lawrence of Arabia) article on Iraq saying the West Asia need dictators like Saddam, otherwise it is difficult to rule the tribals with different opinions."

"I guess this is going to be WMD again, this time it'll be 'Washington's Massive Dilemma' to get out of Iraq standing on the ruins."

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Dec 31, 2006 10:34 IST

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