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Sweet poison

PTI | ByVeena Minocha
Aug 24, 2004 02:29 PM IST

Western nations are preferring natural things after they have poisoned their bodies and mind with synthetic products.

This new millennium will most certainly mark the era of a great turnaround to all things natural. Whether it is food, drugs, cosmetics, or household articles, each one of them will soon be graded in importance by the proportion of absolutely natural products that they contain. This will be the watershed in the history of consumerism, separating all that synthetic stuff that has been used in the name of advanced technology, from that which is genuinely true to its natural state, and therefore to our body elements and environment.

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India has always been the home of products which abound in nature. Grandmother's homemade recipes for curing small ailments, improving our skin and hair, using abundantly growing herbs like Neem, Haldi etc are familiar to all of us.
The Western countries are only now waking up to the enormous power of all things natural, after they have poisoned their bodies, their minds, and their environments with synthetic substitutes. In fact, way back in 1981, on my first trip to the USA, I was amazed to find a sort of a plastic smell everywhere that I went, a most unpleasant experience for me, who was used to freshness of good ventilation, and natural wholesome fragrances, prevalent in Indian homes.

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I came across a new video cassette called Sweet Misery, classifying the horrifying side effects of a chemical called aspartame. As we all know, every person who wishes to avoid sugar, for whatever reason, uses chemical sweeteners, the principal ingredient of which is this chemical, aspartame. It horrified me to learn the detailed explanation of how this seemingly harmless sugar substitute could have ever reached into so many people's bodies, destroying their nerve sheaths, causing multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, brain toxicity, etc. The controversy over aspartame, found in all diet soft drinks, popular diet lemonade products, pudding and more than 5,000 food products, continues to draw concern in light of recent media reports. Aspartame, distributed by GD Searle & Co, has been called on the carpet by the FDA in the past for making misleading and potentially dangerous claims about their products.
The whole point of this article is that no human being should trust anything that has been constructed synthetically, however safe the manufacturers may claim it to be.

Our body, constructed as it is of all natural elements, requires only naturally occurring foods to sustain it best. These are absorbed and assimilated very easily into the bloodstream, causing no damage to the delicate parts of the cells or the brain.

Another report that I read recently was that the Japanese are now propagating, in the Western countries, what they call a macrobiotic diet, which is in effect a diet consisting solely of grains and vegetables. This is a diet that has been the staple of Indian food through aeons, and has kept us healthy, without the preponderance of cancers and heart attacks that the Western world is prone to.
When we eat natural foods, the energy is living energy, which can be stored as living light in the body. As our vibrations increase at rocket like speeds in the New Age, it becomes imperative for all of us to think carefully before we ingest any substance that has the effect of pulling the body cells into density, that is away from Light.

Once we take it upon ourselves to do so, we will find that our bodies radiate health and vitality like never before. The ill health, sluggishness, and dark thoughts, then become a faint reminder of horrible days gone by!

Look for those foods, cosmetics, environmental products that you use, make sure they are as close to their naturally occurring state, (not like cucumber or oranges in their chemically synthesized essences and added to shampoos and face creams!) and reap the benefits of having 'sun soaked' prannic energy in your body and your life!

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