Teens depressed over unemployment

Poor job prospects are taking a toll on teens. According to a survey, one in four teenagers feel depressed about their future and feel under-confident of finding a secure job.

india Updated: Aug 05, 2011 16:46 IST

The unemployment rates for young job seekers remain high, and almost one in four teenagers feel depressed about their future, says a new survey.

Almost half of the 1,500 young people questioned in the O2 Youth Matters survey said they were not confident of finding a secure job in the next five years.

The research also found that 82 percent of young people believe that celebrity culture creates unachievable role models, a concept that can add to low self-esteem.

“It is a warning shot to society, showing that steps must be taken to build the resilience of our young people,” sociologist Tony Chapman told Sky News.

Employers though insist young people need to toughen up if they are to find the right job in what has become a highly competitive marketplace.

First Published: Aug 05, 2011 16:38 IST