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'Tell them Arunachal is no Taiwan'

Surfers ask India not to cow down to China which aspires to be Asia's 'boss'.

india Updated: Nov 15, 2006 18:45 IST

Angry letters from Indians across the globe prove the point. Hindi-Chini can never be bhai-bhai. That any irresponsible statement will affect relations. It'll only reconfirm notions of China vis-a-vis India and her desire to "contain" India.

Thecontroversial statement by the Chinese envoy on Arunachal Pradesh has touched a raw nerve among Indians. Here's how the responses to the news went.

Topu from Itanagar, India insisted India should be its toughest now.

"India's stand on Arunachal Pradesh should be made stronger than ever before," he said.

Kulwant from New Delhi, India said India should make it absolutely clear that this is an imaginary issue as far as China is concerned.

"After swallowing Tibet, now China is eyeing Arunachal Pradesh. May be, the next target will be Sikkim. India should put its foot down and make it categorically clear, regarding no talks on this imaginary dispute, whatsoever and in any manner," he said.

Varinder Sarin from Kuwait was his cynical best that while the whole of the country would be aghast at such statements, the Indian Leftists would surely agree with the envoy.

"Entire nation will agree that Arunachal is an integral part of India except Leftists who are likely to toe the line of China. Nation has the experience of the 1962 Chinese aggression and the role of Leftists," he fumes.

Surjit Singh from Mumbai said, "India should in no way trust China. Common sense will tell us that China can't be trusted. History should not be forgotten and those who try to be friendly suddenly are the ones we got to be very cautious."

"They will surprise us if we not prepared militarily. China wants to rule the world and India becoming popular with other nations is not liked by our big neighbour. We must be working close with the US as it is a democracy like us. Keep up the good relations with the US."

Nitesh Vyas from Indore said India should be wary of China, a regime capable of double speak.

He said, "China has already taken approx 85,000 sq km. We have got to take visa for our pilgrims going to Mansarovar. It has been playing a double game with us. China's views are still not clear."

Mathimugan from Mauritius said China could never be trusted to have decent neighbourly relations.

"Of course it should as it involves national integrity. India cannot treat these remarks lightly. India cannot be naive with this neighbour and has to be always heedful. Be warned is to be forearmed," he said.

Safi from Chicago, USA too added that Arunachal was no Tibet and China should know that.

He added, "Arunachal Pradesh belongs to India just like Kashmir belong to India."

Naveen from New Delhi, India was cool yet firm in his belief. He said, "India should diplomatically sort out this problem instead of arguing."

Not Harry Khurana from Seattle, USA. He felt India should keep its nuclear options ready in case of an eventuality.

"This time keep your nuclear bombs ready and offer the hand of friendship when the president of China visits Delhi," he said.

Satbir Singh Bedi from New Delhi, India felt the envoy's statement should be taken as a well-thought move on the part of the Chinese.

"The whole boundary dispute with China has its origin in our agreeing to China's suzerainty over Tibet in 1950. Had we not agreed to it, Tibet would have been a buffer state between China and India and there would not have been any border dispute with China."

"Having committed this blunder in 1950, we committed a bigger blunder by giving political asylum to Dalai Lama and his followers in 1959. China did not forgive us for this act which was in the nature of giving a refuge to a rebel of China, having already agreed to China's suzerainty over Tibet. Moreover, China did not like our then PM Pandit Nehru's idea of dominating the world politics without having the military power to make that domination."

"So, it taught a lesson to India in 1962. Thereafter, the enmity developed between the two countries and it has actually not changed into friendship at any time. In fact, China developed a close friendship with our archenemy, Pakistan and this Sino-Pak axis is working against India whether one likes it or not."

"Now, China would go on asserting that Arunachal Pradesh is its but the outburst of the Chinese ambassador is not involuntary. In fact, he wants to show to the world that it is China which calls the shots. As for affecting ties with India, it does not matter much to China except for trade with India which India would like to continue with China for economic reasons."

"Arunachal Pradesh is not Taiwan for crazy Chinese to make arrogant claims. We won't allow them to steal our lands," said CB, Chennai, India.

Rajesh from New Delhi, India agreed that such a statement would affect relations. But added that China should know that India is not what it was in 1962.

"Such remarks will spoil the atmosphere of good friendship. India is not what it was in 1962. We should firmly ask Beijing to keep off and should confirm once for all Arunachal Pradesh being part of India with no future disputes on this issue. CPI/CPM should take lead on this issue with China and act more patriotic," he said.

James Sathya Vijayan from Muscat, Oman was quite sure that China does not want India to be a competitor in Asia.

"Now China is becoming an economic as well as military might. She wants to use both the mights to fulfil her ambitions to become the only superpower in Asia if not in the world. She does want India to compete with her in both the fields. That's why she started this kind of a trouble in bilateral relations," he opined.

Dipankar of New Delhi, India only proved how hollow slogans like 'Hindi Chini, Bhai Bhai' actually were.

"This is what happens when India laid off its claims to Tibet in the so-called return for Sikkim (no official deal or document signed by China on this). China today claims Arunachal, tomorrow it would naturally claim—Assam, Bhutan, Kumaoon, Ladakh, etc. Of all the people in the world, only Indians can be so timid, self-defeating and naive and get emotional with slogans like, 'Hindi Chini, Bhai Bhai'," he added.

George Alex from Chennai, India wondered why none of the Left parties in India criticised the statement of Chinese envoy and thought it only cast aspersions on their loyalties to India.

"Throw out the Chinese ambassador for those highly stupid and irresponsible comments. Also its strange none of the Left parties didn't criticise the Chinese comment on Arunachal. It once again shows that they love China more than India and are just playing second fiddle to Chinese sitting here (they are still those guys which supported China when they invaded India during Nehru's time)," he said.

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First Published: Nov 15, 2006 12:01 IST