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Terror's new face: Plot to kill with colas, beers

The trial of seven British Muslim youths for allegedly plotting more terror attacks has revealed shocking schemes for mass killing of innocent people.
None | By Vijay Dutt, London
PUBLISHED ON MAR 25, 2006 06:44 PM IST

The trial of seven British Muslim young men for allegedly plotting to bomb crowded nightclubs, pubs and trains to avenge Britain joining in the Iraq war continues to unravel shocking schemes for mass killing of innocent people.

One of the men accused of plotting to bomb Britain also discussed targeting football fans with poisoned beer and takeaways, the Old Bailey has heard. Waheed Mahmood said beer cans could be spiked with poison "which could also be used to poison burgers and takeaways", according to supergrass Mohammed Babar, a self-confessed extremist who fled from the US after 9/11 and went to Pakistan.

Babar, who has been given immunity from prosecution, was giving evidence against Mahmood and six others accused of plotting explosions in the UK. They all deny the charges.

Babar who avoided eye contacts with the accused while deposing in the court, said he met Mahmood, 34, at a house in Pakistan in 2003 where they talked of Jihad. American Babar said, "He could not understand why all these UK brothers were coming over to Pakistan. They could easily do Jihad operation in England."

Giving examples, Waheed had allegedly said, "You could get a job in a soccer stadium as a beer vendor. You just put poison in a syringe, injecting it in a can and put a sticker on it which would stop it leaking and give it out.

"Or you could get mobile vending carts -- all those vans going round selling burgers. He said he had done it. I didn't believe it. He said you could stand on street corners selling poison burgers and then just leave the area."

The trial is expected to last five months.

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