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That toilet roll holder is dangerous!

Civic officials in the UK are issuing warnings against toilet roll holders, calling them dangerous weapons.
ANI | By HT Correspondent, London
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2007 12:23 PM IST

It looks like ‘loo roll holder’ is a dangerous weapon, for safety officials are issuing warnings against it.

Seeing the empty open dispensers, British civil service chiefs have lashed out at workers at the Department for Education and Skills, and have now issued emergency warnings alerting people to be cautious of the roll holders at the DfES HQ staff toilets in Moorfoot, Sheffield.

An e-mail sent by the officials states that many times there have been incidents when the toilet accessory has hit somebody.

“Facilities management has been made aware of several incidents involving the toilet roll dispensers,” the Sun quoted, the e-mail, as writing.

“Many have been hitting people on the side of the head. I know many of you will think this humorous but it is a serious issue. We will be looking at replacements. Our advice is take extra care when handling the dispensers, the e-mail stated.

An office wag made a wisecrack at the current problem they are facing with the toilet paper holder. “We are getting bogged down with paperwork!” the official said.

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