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The answer lies within

Aijaz Zaka Syed in No place to hide (December 2) has aptly stated that ordinary Muslims everywhere are helplessly at odds after each incident of jihadi violence.

india Updated: Dec 02, 2008 20:47 IST
Hindustan Times

Aijaz Zaka Syed in No place to hide (December 2) has aptly stated that ordinary Muslims everywhere are helplessly at odds after each incident of jihadi violence. The terrorists vanish after each attack but ordinary Muslims have to go on with the daily business of life where they have to face their friends who look at them with accusing eyes. Nothing could be more distressing than having to share blame for some one else’s actions. As Aijaz says, if Islam has a problem, the solution must come from within. In fact, this is the right time for mainstream Islam to reassert itself and spread the message of tolerance and peace and denounce the tendencies of separatism and violence.

Manish Kumar Mall, via email

Throw out the incompetent

Apropos of the report Heads begin to roll… (December 1), I wonder if the series of resignations has any meaning at all. The time has come for the Congress to seriously introspect, speak the truth, stop appeasement politics and work with determination. This may be the last chance to save the country from bloody disintegration. Throw out failed leaders and ministers who have compromised our security and our polity. Change the way that our democracy functions, to make it more meaningful and strong.

Vinod Tyagi, Delhi


The resignation of central and state ministers is not enough to heal our wounds for it is nothing but a mockery of our democracy and sovereignty. Those in administrative and security agencies, both at the central and Maharashtra state level, along with all the responsible ministers, must also resign on grounds of laxity and for being untrustworthy. If the politicians feel any shame at all and if they respect the sacrifice of our brave soldiers, then they must resign without further delay and let others who can do the job take over.



The terror attack in Mumbai is a slap on the face of our corrupt, weak-willed and impotent politicians who have no concern for the lives of people or the security of the nation. Attack after attack, blast after blast — nothing has perturbed these electoral marketeers who are interested only in stupid blame games. Will our leaders ever show the courage and sagacity to pay back the terrorists in their own coin?


The limits of tolerance

Pakistan fits the saying ‘a leopard can never change its spots’, because despite giving assurances to India that its territory will not be allowed for terrorist activity against India, it keeps promoting terrorism. There should be a limit to our tolerance. The terrorist attack in Mumbai, targeting prestigious hotels like the Taj and Oberoi, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent people, should not be taken lightly. To curb the Pakistani menace, a full-scale war against Pakistan is the best solution.

P.P. TALWAR, via email

First Published: Dec 02, 2008 20:44 IST