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The beginning of life: Part III

The artefacts that will give hints to the science of the civilizations more than 10,000 years ago will be found in Arkansas, USA, prophesises Kryon.

india Updated: Mar 19, 2004 17:00 IST

We now come to the historically recorded awareness of recent humans, as we see the generic type of today. While a fixed date cannot be put onto these times, we can roughly visualize the time of the Great Flood to be at about 10,000 years ago.

This was the time when one pair of every species, (did that include Adam and Eve?) was saved from the Great Flood that occurred when the polar icecaps melted. We have heard how the Grand Old Sage Noah built this huge ark, so that the seed of every species could be protected from the flood.

The refrain, "The animals went in two by two" has been a popular ditty ever since my childhood days, but the significance of this amazing preservation of one pair of every species of animals, birds, reptiles etc. was overlooked at that time.

Life had to be perpetuated, and Noah was Divinely inspired to build the ark and save it, so that after the flood, no species was lost on this Earth, thus maintaining its fragile ecological balance.

Anthropologists have not yet discovered what human societies were like before the flood, though certain excavations are being done in parts of the world, which will soon bring up this amazing discovery.

Let us see how this flood occurred, and how modern history started, according to Kryon:
"Ten thousand years ago, an event took place that scientists do not agree with yet. There was another asteroid hit. It is not nearly as large as the one sixty million years ago, but indeed, it still made a big difference in the planet.

"One of the things that it did was to partially melt the icecaps again. It also moved portions and pieces of the land around, and it flooded most of the Earth for a little while. Some of the Human Beings survived, but they had societies and civilizations that were completely terminated. Most of them had to begin again, and this new beginning, dear ones, is where your modern history starts. Your anthropologists haven't yet discovered the great civilization that existed more than 10,000 years ago. They don't believe it yet.

"Many of you who sit in the chair listening and reading were here on Earth as humans at that time. Sometimes you equate your spirituality with pain and death, since you felt that God had destroyed the planet just at the time when you were finding so much science. You were here!

"I am going to give you some information that you may find laughable until it is proven. There were civilizations that were grand more than 10,000 years ago. These were civilizations that most of those on Earth are completely unaware of.

"The artefacts that will give hints to the science of the civilizations more than 10,000 years ago will be found in Arkansas, USA. And when this takes place, remember where you heard it! And when it takes place, perhaps you will think of these other things that we just told you - unbelievable things - and perhaps you will realize that they are true, too."

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First Published: Mar 19, 2004 16:57 IST