The bizman and showgirl

Undoubtedly, most talked about was the love lock between Arun Nayar and Hurley...

india Updated: Jan 03, 2004 21:24 IST


doubtedly the most talked about celeb relationship this year was the love lock between Indian origin businessman Arun Nayar and the bewitching showgirl Elizabeth Hurley.

It was also an amazing pole vault for Arun Nayar who from never-heard-of became a darling of the tabloid press which assiduously doggedthe lovey-dovey couple - from the fashion show where Liz Hurley clung on to Nayar to Nayar on crutches emerging from a shopping mall.

Nayar began dating Hurley late last year following the failure of her romances with actor Hugh Grant and U.S. millionaire Steve Bing, the father of her son Damian.

The whole debate of will she or won't she marry Arun Nayar, when will he propose, will Nayar's Indian family accept glam gal Liz as their bahu, the disapproval of Nayar's granny of Arun's choice - all were grist for gossip mills. Media glare was constantly on the two. TV shows heaped ridiucule on Liz's choice and even went to the extent of calling Arun a homosexual.

Then one day half-Indian and half-German, the 37-year-old Arun Nayar, proposed and Lizsaid a "yes" sending the media into a tizzy.

Friends said Liz had found her soul mate and she was 100 per cent sure he was the man for her.

Now, Arun's first wife Valentina was seen as a tough customer, wary of divorcing him. She was said to be frothing that the one whom she considered a friend stole her husband.

First Published: Dec 26, 2003 21:41 IST