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The power of words

We live in amazing times, where our thoughts and words just seem to manifest into the physical.
PTI | By Veena Minocha
UPDATED ON DEC 19, 2005 01:49 PM IST

Contributed by Geeta Mehan from Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

We live in amazing times, where our thoughts and words just seem to manifest, instantaneously, into the physical. If you have not yet experienced this, try looking for experiences that you may have wished for and forgotten about.

For every wishful experience that we go through, there has to be a corresponding desire that arose within us, and was expressed whole heartedly. And these wishes can be expressed even better when we find that we have the support of those around us, who cheer us on our way to success. When we consider that the whole human world is our family does it not then become our bounden duty to encourage every human who crosses our path, to achieve all that their heart desires?

A positive word can change our minsetforever

Sometimes, the difference between success and failure can mean that we did not play our part in supporting the other, at the time when they needed it most.

Or, we may have used discouraging words, instead of making life-giving assurances, and contributed to their failure to achieve what they desired. The following story illustrates this maxim perfectly, and would definitely inspire us to refute all negative thoughts and words when dealing with ourselves, and all others in our lives.

Story Saved