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The return of Amisha Patel

After lying low for a while, the actress returns to the scene with vengeance. Khalid Mohamed chats up the star.

india Updated: Jan 11, 2007, 17:03 IST
Khalid Mohamed
Khalid Mohamed

Zoom over to a Chinese chow place. Cascade of hair tossed, she checks out the menu, agrees on dim sums, Singapore noodles, prawns in soya sauce and more to the point, an ask-and-I-shall-tell session with the actress: 

In five years you have been in movies, have there been any negative you haven't been able to tackle?
I can tackle anything, but yeah sure, there is far much too groupism here.  you have to hang out with all happening cliques, belong to their right camp. I thought I was smart but I haven't been able to handle that. May be because I am a home bird,I'd rather read, listen to music than network at the clubs and lounges at unearthy hours.

What if Rakesh Roshan’s Kaho Na PyaarHai hadn’t happened to you?
Do you know J P Dutta was considering me for Aakhri Mughal? It was planned as Abhishek Bachchan’s first film. Till they switched to Refugee. So who knows? Maybe I could have opted for another career. Maybe I wouldn’t have been here at all today. I could have been somewhere far away, travelling. I can be pretty impulsive, eccentric, childish.

Has anyone encouraged you to remain impulsive?
Vikram (Bhatt) is the last person you’d expect to pamper me but he does. He works like a machine, he’s thinking of 10 different scripts at the same time. Still, he encourages my childishness. He’s funny, he makes me laugh.

Does he tickle you?
Help! Must I answer that?

We punch and chase each other all over a room. I first met him when he was directing Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage with Hrithik and I. He didn’t have to woo me with roses and chocolates. We’d have long conversations about books, cinema, or about something that appeared in the newspapers. We loved each other’s company.

So why don’t you two get married, if you aren’t already?
What? No we aren’t, I’ve told him that I want to continue working for a while..till I’m financially secure. That’ll take four to five years at least. On his part, he’s told me that the offer of marriage is always open.

Have you erased the past?
If you hang on to the past, you can’t evolve. I had my share of crushes and boyfriends while I was at school and college. I’m a sucker for love and affection. I was into a serious, long-term relationship with a guy. It lasted for five years. We were at the Tufts University together.

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