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The role of medicine

I have been asked repeatedly by all and sundry that if healing is a state of 'mind over matter', then what is the need to ingest medicines at all. Let me explain.

india Updated: Dec 26, 2003 17:08 IST

I have been asked repeatedly by all and sundry that if healing is a state of 'mind over matter', then what is the need to ingest medicines at all. The mechanics of healing others and ourselves through meditations, combined with heart-drawn affirmations has been explained over and over in these columns. I will now detail the mechanisms involved in healings with mainstream medicines, whichever branch of medicinal healing you may choose to use.

Have you experienced, at some point in your life, that certain medicines which you took would heal you, and yet after a time feel like as if they did not have any effect? Or, have you noticed that some people get healed with a certain medicine, but another human with the same problem cannot get healed with the same prescriptive drugs?

The difference here lies in the attitude of the patient towards the drugs. If the patient has full faith in the pills that he is popping in, he will almost instantaneously feel 'better', and attribute it to the fine doctor who prescribed he fine medicines. Yet if the same person is taking the same drugs unwillingly, and with the negative attitude that 'nothing' can cure him, he will most definitely not be cured.

There has been a lot of research done on humans, where a group of humans, suffering from the same disease, were given the actual drugs to be tested, and a similar group was given the placebos. Invariably, with marginal differences, it was noticed that the rate of healing in both groups was almost similar.

We must note that the 'power' of any medicine that we ingest is equivalent to the 'power' that we wish it to have. The power of a drug is that it is a tangible thing, which a patient can 'see, feel and taste', and this satisfies the 'mind' that the proper course of treatment has begun. The human mind is not satisfied with using the intrinsic healing powers of the body to rejuvenate and regenerate itself.

The common saying is that if you have a fever, along with a cold, it takes about forty-eight hours to come down to normal with proper medication, and it takes two days for it to settle down, without medication. However the only variable that the patient can introduce is the amount of 'intent' that he puts into his healing. For instance, a man might feel that he has a very important contract to finalize the next day, and yet he is down with fever the previous day. His fever will automatically come down if he has the intention of being well enough to pursue the contract.

When a woman is sick, and her child comes down with the 'flu, she will get well immediately to care for the sick baby, who would be helpless without her nursing care.

Now let me let you in on a secret formula to use your doctor's prescriptions effectively. Take the pills, or liquid in your hands, and before you ingest them, talk to them, like you would to your dearest friend, and tell them that their role is to heal you instantaneously, and restore you to perfect health. Give them the power that you wish them to exert over you! Just as it has been documented scientifically that talking to plants, or singing to them, makes them grow joyfully and quickly, I assure you that 'talking' to medicines will also soon be another scientifically proven factor in healing. And then you will remember where you first heard about this extraordinary method!

First Published: Dec 26, 2003 17:04 IST