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The whackiest social networks

Did you know there is a social network that connects you to other people through your dreams, or one that provides a platform for you to sing karaoke style, even those with stage fright! Read on...

india Updated: Nov 16, 2010 12:26 IST

Facebook may be the most popular social network but you've got to admit it's also one of the most public networks with general functions. Huffington Post presents a list of social networks that are a pleasant change from the Facebook rut and cater to your special hobbies and interests. There's something in them for everyone!

The Fun Ones

1. REMcloud
- Dubbed "the Twitter of dreams" by, the recently launched dream aggregator REMcloud offers a forum to post snippets from last night's dreams and view similar dreams from other users. So, put your post on it and find out who else dreams the way you do!

2. Lost Zombies - The creators of Lost Zombies describe their Web Awards-winning site as a "zombie themed social network whose goal is to create a community generated zombie movie." Well, who wants to be on this Zombieland?

Thinking3. My Free Implants - This one is just unbelievable! MyFreeImplants allegedly brings together women who want plastic surgery and men who can pay for it, although the site was criticised by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2007.

4. WeeWorld - WeeWorld is an avatar-based community exclusively for teens which allows them to create their own virtual versions. Think: Facebook for your digital alter ego.

5. VampireFreaks - The creator of VampireFreaks initially used the site to post photos and industrial music reviews. The site eventually grew into a subculture community. Users can now create profiles and join "cults" devoted to bands, haircuts, iconic figures, etc.

6. - If you want to perform a karaoke minus the tension of being watched and the subsequent stage fright, is what you're looking for, it invites you to rock out in the comfort of your living room. You may view and rate performances by other users or post your own videos. The site's different language options cater to its communities around the world, especially North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Users can get their groove on with either a free or paid account.

7. Fubar - Fubar styles itself as an "online pub" and "happy hour" for users aged 18 and older. Members can send virtual drinks to other members and earn "fuBucks," the site's virtual currency, based on their interactions. Although, why you would go for virtual drinks when you can refresh yourself with an actual chilled beer, we're still trying to figure that one out.

8. FitFinder - FitFinder is a microblogging platform created by University College London student Rich Martell. Before the school reportedly forced Martell to shut down the site, students used it to post brief, anonymous alerts when they spotted attractive people around campus. Martell says that he is working to revive FitFinder soon.

9. StarDoll - StarDoll is an online community where girls can create their own virtual paper doll and shop for accessories with digital credits that can be purchased with real-world money, the New York Times reports. StarDoll Shopping features brands like Target, Pretty in Pink and Voile. Users can also use the site to play games and create their own fashion items to sell to other users.

10. Line for Heaven - Line for Heaven is a just for kicks community that welcomes anyone who wants to get into heaven. Users acquire "Karma" points based on their interactions with one another. Every seven days, the users with the most points are awarded the title of "Angel." The site claims that its "fun, light-hearted, non-hostile environment" promotes religious tolerance.

For the Spiritually Inclined

11. MyChurch - MyChurch is a community of Christian churches online. A member church creates its own network for parishioners and pays a hosting fee to MyChurch.

12. Spiritual Community - Spiritual Community claims to be a network for psychics, mediums and people interested in spiritualism, supernaturalism and the paranormal.

A little more Niche

13. Eons - Eons is a social network for members of the "baby boomer" generation. According to the site's founder, users "ready to live a wonderful, full life, as opposed to only thinking about retiring."

14. aSmallWorld - aSmallWorld is a private social network for members of society's upper crust. Focusing on exclusivity, the community connects people who belong to the same social circle and keeps everyone else out. "Hollywood strivers, fashion models, financiers and minor European royalty have been admitted inside its virtual velvet rope," writes the New York Times. "But users also include publicists and party promoters who use the site as a personal database." The Times notes that aSmallWorld "also arranges dinners and tastings where members can sample advertisers' products. For one recent gathering, Rémy Martin supplied 4,000 bottles of its premium Cognac, valued at $200 each."

Something for Everyone

15. Ravelry - Fond of knitting spinning and crocheting? Join the social network and become a Raveler! Ravelry users ("Ravelers") tend to be craftspeople and designers. Knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers and dyers all participate in this community database.

16. CafeMom - CafeMom is a site where mothers can post photos, play games, blog, discuss different topics, create support groups and forge friendships.

17. - According to The Next Web, " is a social tribute network that offers people the opportunity to honor the lives of their deceased loved ones." Users collaborate to create online memorials, where friends and family members may upload photos and written tributes.

First Published: Nov 15, 2010 16:24 IST