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Time for a balanced world

Brahma Chellaney in Wanted: Men at work (November 18) made a strong case for reforming the global structure.

india Updated: Nov 20, 2008 00:05 IST
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Time for a balanced world

Brahma Chellaney in Wanted: Men at work (November 18) made a strong case for reforming the global structure. The bridge between the aspirations of the US and the rules of prominent global institutions seem to have widened over the years. This has, instead, disturbed the balance of power that intensified with the global economic meltdown. It is now up to the unbiased and reliable international bodies to fill the ‘void’. America’s inability to justify its war in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with its failure in the economic sector signifies that this world needs something more than a rich and mighty State for a safer future. To reinstate peace and stability in all spheres, we need institutions that work for everyone’s welfare.

Akhilesh Sharma, via email

Religious realities

I agree with Sadia Dehlvi in denouncing Zakir Naik’s picture of Islam in her article Don’t give in to pretenders (November 12). Naik may be a good orator, but his glorification of Yazid is deplorable. Islam seems to have lost its true essence in recent times. I also second Dehlvi in her views on Sufism. It was the Sufis’ humility, selfless devotion, their identification with the underprivileged, their emphasis on the philosophy of brotherhood and belief in monotheism that brought out the real face of Islam. It was the Sufis who spread the real Muslim culture across the globe for only they adhered to the basic tenets of Islam.

Khwaja Salahuddin, Muzaffarpur


Sadia Dehlvi deserves praise for unmasking Zakir Naik’s true motives under the guise of religion. Sufism has been an integral element of Islam and it has spread the true teachings of Islam. Only the Wahabis and Deobandis who, though in small numbers yet funded by Saudi patrons, oppose it. Naik is one of the agents of these Saudi Wahabi rulers who spreads hatred towards other religions.

Shahnawaz Warsi, Delhi

An (un)equal society

With reference to the report Local raj in Maharashtra (November 18), the state government’s direction on reserving 80 per cent jobs in manufacturing units for locals is praiseworthy. India’s integration is impossible till the time the regional population is given a cold shoulder while the migrants enjoy the privileges. If reservation based on other classification like caste or sex, or even on the basis of prohibition of land-purchase in Kashmir by outsiders do not threaten India’s future, then empowering Maharashtrians won’t too assault the nation’s integrity.

Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata

A studied silence

The report Another student from Andhra attacked in US (November 17) is not the first, and sadly, will not be the last at a time when Indian students seem to be facing the wrath of their US counterparts. The UPA seems to be sleeping on the issue despite such incidents having become so frequent. The government should have registered a protest with the US government. It’s unfortunate that our government continues to remain soft on critical issues.

Bal Govind, Noida

First Published: Nov 20, 2008 00:00 IST