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To me, every role is new and different: Rahul Bose

For those who feel that creative men are guided by their hearts and not their brains, Rahul Bose breaks the myth. Ritujaay Ghosh gets talking with him.
Hindustan Times | By Ritujaay Ghosh, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 19, 2008 07:56 PM IST

For those who feel that creative men are guided by their hearts and not their brains, Rahul Bose easily breaks the myth. His moves are calculated to keep him in the spotlight even when he is not working, but we will see plenty of him in the coming months, with nine of his films set to release.

So the 'thinking woman's sex symbol' can take a break. Here's Bose in conversation about acting, direction and plans.

We haven't seen you on screen for a while except in the Bengali film


I always plan my moves. So if I had only one release last year, this year I can bank on nine, so audiences simply can't get away from me, which in turn allows me to take a sabbatical from acting and focus on directing

Moth Smoke.

Nine films seem like a lot to handle…

You actually want me to name them? I will be seen in every genre, including two world cinema projects,

Before The Rains

and Santosh Sivan's first Hollywood venture


. There's comedy, drama, thriller and everything in between.

Doesn't action feature on the list?

Not this time but I will do an action film next year. I have been looking for a good script and action films will be my priority when I come back.

Will audiences accept you in an action film considering you haven't done one before?

They haven't seen me doing so many things. In


, they will see me in army uniform for the first time. In

Maan Gaaye Mughal-e-Azam

I play a RAW agent, whereas in

The Japanese Wife

, I play a village schoolmaster. To me every role is new and different.



a commercial venture?

I will never do out and out commercial films.


deals with a serious subject though it does have its lighter moments. The plot essentially revolves around a court martial on the lines of

A Few Good Men

. I had to work a lot on my look, because I had to look lean and stringy, which is not the usual appearance of a rugby player, which is what I am. I needed several days to get into shape.

Serious films interest you more...

When (Shaurya director) Samar Khan came to me I knew his last film

Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaaye

had not done well at the box office, though critics had appreciated it. He was honest and said he wanted to make a film that might not be the hit of the year. That made it easier for me to say yes. I am open to any film that has a good story.

What about a comedy like

Pyaar Ke Side Effects


Why only

Pyaar Ke Side Effects?

Maan Gaaye Mughal-e-Azam

is a black comedy as well. Every story should have a message.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects

definitely had one.

Mumbai Chaka Chak

also has a moral. It's like Panchatantra set in modern day Mumbai.

You seem to be doing a lot of English films too.

I love the language, to begin with, but the story needs to be good.

The Japanese Wife

is a film I really enjoyed doing but Hindi adaptations of classic English films too are being made these days. Which is why I am doing


, based on Woody Allen's

Husbands and Wives


Moth Smoke

is in English...

That's because it is based on an English novel. I haven't decided much about it except that I start shooting in December and wrap up by April.

What after that? Back to acting?

Of course, where else do I go? I know the films I am doing will either do great business or fall flat but I am hopeful of their success given the way the audience has matured over the years.

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