To tweet or not to tweet, Omar wonders

A week after slowing down on micro-blogging website Twitter, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Monday disclosed that he stopped tweeting in a huff. Peerzada Ashiq reports. Tweeting celebs

india Updated: May 17, 2011 00:11 IST
Peerzada Ashiq
Peerzada Ashiq
Hindustan Times

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah is in a 'web' fix on whether to tweet or not. A week after slowing down on the micro-blogging website Twitter, Abdullah, after receiving a barrage of curious tweets from the followers, on Monday disclosed that he stopped tweeting in a huff.

"…And for those of you asking where I've been - I just got fed up of hearing/reading that because I make time to tweet I'm not working," tweeted an apparently sulking Abdullah, who has a masters' degree from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Abdullah, who has already tweeted more than 2,800 times, is the only chief minister of the country to open a bridge with the people through the social networking site after his friend Shashi Tharoor, a Congress leader and Member of Parliament. Tharoor has over a lakh followers, while Abdullah lags behind with only around 25,000 followers till date.

Admitting his addiction to the Twitter, Abdullah tweeted: "I'm not planning to disappear. I just needed to get my own thoughts on the issue sorted out. I've decided I enjoy twitter 2much (sic)".

For his critics, Abdullah has a 126-character tweet, "I'm probably the only CM who writes his/her own tweets. I'm very careful not to say anything that crosses the line of my oath."

The 42-year-old chief minister also showed repentance for playing games on his mobile phone in the state assembly.

"In my defense (I would say) I was finishing a game as the session was called to order but true, no more Solitaire in the house :-)," wrote Abdullah in response to critical tweets by followers over the chief minister playing games inside the assembly.

In the past, the tweeting has also sent the state security establishment into a tizzy with the chief minister tweeting about his location and programme. The threat perception, however, has not deterred the CM from stopping tweeting. The reason probably is his followers. Abdullah's followers have been tweeting like mad birds all this week to know the reason behind Abdullah disappearing from the Twitter.

"Oh come on! How weird is that! Of course you're working! Stop the disappearing act! :]," tweeted a handle 'Ruchika Singh' while Archana Ashok's handle 'brevityiswit' wrote, "Well then u should keep tweeting n show them that u can not only do your duty but find time for yourself as well".

First Published: May 16, 2011 23:51 IST