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Today's youth not dishaheen

For sometime now The Hindu, has been publishing articles saying that today's youth are selfish, lackadaisical and money minded. I completely disagree. I?m an engineering student and my branch is very rare and not many recruiters know about it. So a bunch us decided to make a booklet containing the information about our branch. This only proves that we are pro-active and fight for our rights. If we don't benefited at least our juniors will be. That?s our hope, our vision.

india Updated: May 11, 2006 19:20 IST

Over the past few weeks in The Hindu, there were a lot of articles in the open page saying that the youth of India are useless, selfish, and lackadaisical and money minded. There are no role models or youth icons anymore.

I completely disagree with that and I will make a point here by giving several examples that are associated with me and today’s youth.

Let me start off with the example that is closest to my heart. I’m an engineering student and my branch is very rare and not many recruiters know about our branch and that’s why many companies don’t recruit us. So a bunch of my classmates and I have decided to make a booklet containing the information about our branch and how all of us are as competitive as students of any other branch, if the present trend continues.

This only proves that we want to take a pro-active role and fight for our rights. If we are not benefited at least our juniors will be. That’s our hope, our vision.

Recently it was all over the papers about the sky touching salaries that the The Indian School of Business (ISB) students received. The director of ISB stated that many students turned down big salaries from big MNCs because they were not satisfied with the job profile. Where does the question of materialism arise? There are a lot of students in the Delhi University and TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) who choose to do their masters in non-lucrative course of social service. This proves that our generation is not one bit selfish and money minded.

The reservation issue opened the eyes of many who believed the youth to be a bunch of “good for nothings”. So many medicos across Delhi protested against the proposed quota. In fact the protests had such a strong impact that they finally got to meet the man who was responsible for this wave of indignation, Mr Arjun Singh. All these young doctors, for once, didn’t even think what would happen to them and their future if they were put behind bars. Banners like “don’t quota me” and “don’t make us prisoner of the past” said it all. That showed the very fact that they don’t want educational institutions to compromise on merit.

One more example I would like to give is that of a young engineer from Vijaywada who was critically injured after the back tire of bus ran over him. He is recovering though very slowly. They boy is determined to get through IIT for his MTech and is doing the required studying in his hospital bed. I can’t quote a better example for determination.

The number of young politicians coming up tells the rest of the story. Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Rajaditya Scindia, Milind Deora, Omar Abdullah are the future of the Indian politics. Recently when elections were held in Karnataka, a lot of first time voters were shown on television who felt very proud casting their vote. Many of my friends were happy to be a part of democracy.

Indian youth are not lagging behind in any aspect. In fact they are racing ahead of time. Every generation, every era is a combination of goods and bads. We cannot generalise saying that the whole generation is useless and good for nothing. It is this generation of India that is making the country proud, be it in technology or arts or management. And there are scores of youth icons and thousands of young achievers in every part of the country. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this generation and we have the attitude of “can do anything” running in our blood. It all lies in the eyes of the beholder and how he wishes to perceive the world.

First Published: May 11, 2006 19:20 IST