Tressing up in the '60s style

Be it bangs, bob or layers, hair styles from the '60s are back in a new avatar.

india Updated: May 11, 2006 15:52 IST
Diya Koshy

When it comes to hair, the buzzwords this year are soft, romantic and sexy — bounce but not something overmussed. Bye-bye straight, geometric cuts, welcome back Farah Fawcett.

And the humble ponytail, which first became fashionable in the 1950s, is literally back with a bang.

This year, asymmetrical bangs are hot, cut blunt or heavily textured. A sloping bang highlights your features nicely.

Stylist Jojo says, “The look for the season is individual. It’s all about movement and texture, whatever the length of your hair. But if it’s short, keep it sharp.” German hairstylist Madlen Grothe who was in the city recently, says, “The global hair trends for the current year include the Bob, the Pixie, Glamour Curls and Side-swept bangs.

The latest is hair with tousled waves, natural high lights, layered bobs and large buns. The trend for the season is loose, flowing, light and delicate hair styles.

The most popular styles for bangs or fringes on short hairstyles are styled forward in long chunky pieces and highlighted to add texture and depth. Another style seeing a revival is the heavy blunt cut bang of the 60s.

            What’s in


The most popular cut of bangs are styled forward, long chunky and highlighted.

The bob is going asymmetrical, worn one side longer or with a raised back and lower front


But be careful trying to carry this off — it suits very few and can be a death knell for people with round and square faces.

Short fringy bangs are also cute as hell and ideal for petite women. They’re wispy with uneven edges and suit women with small bone structures and large eyes.

Women with oblong or rectangular faces should avoid this. Overall, if you have a large nose, chin or forehead, careful with the fringe.

Back to bobs, the straight-laced cookie-cutter look is out. Try and work in curves and sharper lines.

The asymmetrical look is a winner worn either with one side longer or with a raised back and lower front.

However, if you’re possessive about your long locks, you can still recreate the bob look with the roll. Bring the roll to the nape of your neck and pin it tightly.

The cut that complements every style this season is layers with casual textures. Easy to create with layers of unstyled, free-moving, subtly high lighted hair, there isn’t a lot of curl but lots of tousled waves that added to volume and texture to your hair.

Try strategic layers that are created throughout the interior of the hair.

Or create your own style. Use a wax or clay styling product – basically something that holds and after applying a thin layer on your hair create a style that you like.

Use a hair dryer (on a low setting) add the final touches using your fingers.

Grothe says, “The Spring Summer 2006 is expected to be a season of locks and curls with the perms supposedly coming back to fashion.

The hair styling is expected to take a center stage this summer season, whether it is a cascading mass of soft waves or a shorter bob look.

First Published: May 11, 2006 15:05 IST