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Unfashionably yours

When it comes to fashion, Bubbly aunty is a disaster. Actually, the above sentence holds true even if you take away the first five words, but whatever.

india Updated: Mar 28, 2010 01:07 IST
Sonal Kalra
Sonal Kalra
Hindustan Times

When it comes to fashion, Bubbly aunty is a disaster. Actually, the above sentence holds true even if you take away the first five words, but whatever. The Fashion Week is on in Delhi and this is the time of the year when Bubbly aunty forgives me for all my sins and loves me more than any other relative she has. Because I can get her the entry passes, she thinks. Nothing tempts her more than the thought of sporting an I-know-it-all look and brag about the latest trends at kitty parties.

I, on the other hand, use all my strength to avoid her at this time. Don’t think I’m being mean till you hear me out. I did take her to the Fashion Week two years ago. And after that day, I stopped going to the event myself. She turned up at the venue and it seemed Christmas had suddenly arrived in March. Not because she was in high spirits but because she had turned herself into a Christmas tree. All the ornaments she possessed were on her, only the bells were missing. Actually no, the bells were there too, perched up on a weird hair band. All my excuses to run away and kill myself — right from a sudden meeting to even an upset stomach — couldn’t come to rescue and I had to sit in the shade of Christmas tree right in the front row.

Anyhow, the cringing memory is being recalled here to make a point. I’ve realised that the next biggest obsession of human beings, after losing weight, is to look trendy and stylish. But then most of us secretly suffer from the stress of not being ‘fashionable’ enough. We subscribe to fashion magazines, roam around the world for designer knock-offs, even watch re-runs of dim witted movies only to take a close look at what Kareena Kapoor wore in it. And still end up looking like walking-talking style blunders. So what’s the calmness trick from this stress, you would ask.

Well, as a fellow sufferer of the stress, I would say first and foremost, stop trying too hard. Over analysing your attire and being desperate to conform to trends could kill the natural grace you may have. And second, try to understand some basics of style and gradually adopt them in your daily dressing up routine. I asked around for some big fashion no-no’s and here's what some certified stylish people recommended.

1 Wear YOUR size, and not that of someone you want to look like. While one size too large can add unwanted kilos to your look, insisting on squashing yourself into a small size runs the risk of you exploding someday in public

2 Don’t be a logo maniac. Wearing your favourite designer subtly is one thing, and becoming a self-styled brand ambassador is another. If you still insist on flashing a logo, at least charge the brand for endorsement.

3 Stick to the simple rule of saying NO to — white socks, dark shoes with light coloured pants (or vice versa), socks with sandals, brown with black and exposed undergarments.

4 Bling may be in but turning into a chalta phirta ghantaghar is definitely not. Leave the chunky chains and garish jewellary for music videos or TV soaps.

5 When we were three, our mothers used to match the colour of our dress with our hair clips, bag, shoes… everything. Love your mom but stop wearing matching stuff now. Grow up.

Finally, the last word. It’s impossible to turn into style icons overnight. And while you slowly get the hang of it, enjoy the process and don’t let it stress you out. Thankfully it is still the person inside the clothes — tacky or otherwise, is what most of the world cares for.

Sonal Kalra has decided to take Bubbly aunty to fashion week. Everyone deserves to see the rainbow in this scorching heat. Mail your clams to sonal.kalra@hindustantimes.com

First Published: Mar 27, 2010 19:13 IST