UPTU to award affiliated institutes

THE UP Technical University?s (UPTU) Excellence Award ?model? has been posted on the varsity?s website uptu.org, along with the statistical analysis of results for 2005-2006.

india Updated: Dec 08, 2006 11:33 IST

THE UP Technical University’s (UPTU) Excellence Award ‘model’ has been posted on the varsity’s website uptu.org, along with the statistical analysis of results for 2005-2006.

The posting of the award ‘model’ on the website is the first step towards ranking the roughly 238 technical institutes affiliated to the varsity in order of their performance and then choosing which institute deserves the award.

The decision to rank and award the institutes was taken by the UPTU V-C Prof Prem Vrat to help the ‘under performing’ institutes to raise the bar.

Once the process is complete, the ranking against each institute will be mentioned and posted on the varsity’s website.

As the UPTU V-C explained, the process which aimed at serving a reminder to the under-performing institutes, would also help students find out where their institute stood.

“More importantly, through this those candidates who take the State Entrance Examination will become more aware about how each institute is performing. At the time of counseling, they will be able to make an informed choice about each institute,” the Vice -Chairman said.

The awards will be given at the next convocation.

“However, if no institute is found worthy, we may decide not to give any awards. This is the standard practice followed by reputed organisations like Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) etc,” Prof Prem Vrat said.

Along with this, the varsity is also laying emphasis on faculty development.

“This is a key area and we are aware that this cannot be ignored. You will notice that one of the key features of the awards is how much an institute is investing on faculty development,” the Vice -Chairman said.

Besides, the varsity has also introduced the concept of medical allowance for its employees.

This allowance of Rs 200 per month, will be availed of by employees on a monthly basis. The Vice -Chairman has also initiated talks with the State government about creating 245 new posts for the varsity.

First Published: Dec 08, 2006 11:33 IST