US Democrats ask Bush to sack Rumsfeld

Democratic lawmakers have also written to President George W Bush demanding a complete overhaul of US Iraq policy.

india Updated: Sep 05, 2006 19:13 IST

Democratic lawmakers have written to President George W Bush demanding a complete overhaul of US Iraq policy and stepped up pressure on him to sack Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

In a letter to Bush, the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate have asked the President to take a fresh look at the leadership at the Pentagon, stressing that such a move will show that he sees the problems his policies have created in Iraq and "elsewhere".

"We do not believe the current civilian leadership at the Department of Defence is suited to implement and oversee such a change in policy...Unfortunately your stay the course strategy (in Iraq) is not working," said the letter signed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Senators Joseph Biden, House Member Tom Lantos among others.

"With daily attacks against American and Iraqi troops at close to their highest levels since the start of the war, and sectarian violence intensifying, we can only conclude that our troops are caught in the middle of a low-grade civil war that is getting worse," read the letter.

They also called for transitioning the US mission in Iraq to counter-terrorism and force protection, and beginning the phased redeployment of US forces from Iraq before the end of 2006, among other measures.

Also, Congressional Democrats in a bid to embarrass the White House are also hoping to bring up No Confidence Resolutions in the House and the Senate against Rumsfeld.

First Published: Sep 05, 2006 19:13 IST