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Vox Populi: Musharraf in line of fire

This week, our surfers have come out in protest, not only against Musharraf's book, but also against him. Pie Chart

india Updated: Oct 07, 2006 17:56 IST
Anita Joseph (
Anita Joseph (

"It was in Forman Christian College, Lahore, that I learned how to make a time bomb, which I later used as a commando to good effect," wrote Musharraf in his autobiography titled In The Line Of Fire.

Perhaps, this explains the General’s ‘explosive’ comments against India and his neighbors in the book, according to sources.

Whatever be the case, Musharraf seems to have lost his credibility with Indians after its release. And he’s been in the line of fire ever since.

Surfers from all over the world wrote in to express their disapproval of Mush’s literary effort, in our 40-hour survey.

Rakesh Arora from Chile wrote: “The General could never be trusted, even before the book. He is a snake in the green grass.” And Ranujit from Cuttack said: “Musharraf is the Ravan of the 21stcentury. We can never trust him.”

This week, our surfers all over the world unanimously condemned Mush as a liar of the first order, looking to stir trouble with India. And according to them, his autobiography only serves to highlight this fact.

Shah Latif from Karachi, Sind, wrote: “Musharaff is a moron, like Bush. So India should exercise its right to a pre-emptive strike and break up Pakistan. Keep in mind that Sindh and Baluchistan will be ever ready to assist India. Jiye Sindhudesh! Jai Hind! Down with Pakistan!”

Raza from Clevland was equally vocal. “The book shows how cunning, crooked, evil and nut-headed Mush is... How can a President try and justify all the blunders he has committed? If he really wants Pakistan to prosper then the General has to make peace with his neighbors and concentrate on economic developments.

Here, he is trying to get fame at the international level, by lying big time. So I’d say he’s more a publicity manager than the President of Pakistan.”

Pushpinder Singh from New York termed General Musharraf as ‘General Unfaithful’. So did Meenal from Delhi, who termed him as the ‘General of all cunning’.

Renu from Trivandrum said: Musharraf is the devil, trying to project a good image. But he forgets that other people are not fools.”

Shashi Sharma, a surfer from Rockville, MD, USA, who had actually managed to get hold of the book and read it too, said: “I read quite a bit of the book and am still reading it. From what I have read so far, he makes Indians out to be some kind of buffoons who are easily influenced by Bollywood super-heroes. He has called the Indian Airforce a failure during the 1965 war. And his tall claims about the Kargil War are ludicrous. He makes himself out to be some kind of a hero. Let me say here, that as I proceed with the book, my resentment against the General only deepens.”

Kohli from Vadodara had an interesting response. He said: “General Musharraf is a liar and a biter. How can we ever trust the architect of Kargil? And how can we negotiate with such a crook for Kashmir, which is an integral part of India? All this peace process is humbug and should be discontinued, unless Pakistan stops its cross-border infiltration and terrorist activities. Down with Musharraf’s book!”

Mani from Panipat was vituperative in his assessment of the issue. He wrote: “Who is Musharraf trying to fool? It’s time he realized that Indians will not, and have never, swallowed all the bunkum that he says. Does he think we’re fools? Well, I have always suspected that the General is a nut, but after the book fiasco, I’m convinced he’s one. I hope his book disappears without a trace.”

Another surfer, Suresh, who wrote in from Washington, had also read the book. He said: “Musharraf’s book is like a C-grade porn flick. The only attraction is that we get a lot of titillation from seeing the heroine (here the hero), doing an expose, deliberately to attract attention.”

Mitali from Mumbai, concurred. “Though I've not read the book, whatever has appeared in the media proves one thing - that Musharraf is a self- obsessed joker who likes to indulge in self publicity. For this purpose, he will not stop at distorting facts or even misrepresenting it. Not surprising, for he was trained in a country which has survived on lies, distorted facts and fanaticism. Look at the world's perception of Pakistan and its leaders. They have a long way to go before registering themselves as a country worth reckoning with.”

Before proceeding to the statistics, it must be mentioned that there was not a single response, from anywhere in the world, that justified the General’s attempt to turn literary.

Almost all the surfers were unanimous that Mush is seeking false publicity through the book (204), that he will make more enemies after this effort (147), that Indo-Pak ties will worsen (110) and that the whole thing is a ‘bunch of lies’ (204). Only very few, say, about 40-odd surfers, favoured Pervez Musharraf.

So that's it this week. Musharrafhas notturned out to be the hero that hewanted toproject himself as.Rather, he's the villain now. Talk of plans backfiring!

First Published: Oct 07, 2006 16:42 IST