Wangdi's line is for the youth!
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Wangdi's line is for the youth!

The designer duo's outfits would certainly find an audience among youngsters, writes Mishty Varma Pics | Download | Sizzlers | Videos | Style

india Updated: Sep 18, 2006 17:16 IST

If other designers turned to past decades for inspiration, the Wangdis stepped centuries back in time, if the distinctly Elizabethan cut of collars is anything to go by (ruffs, anybody?).

Stylised human visages form most of the motifs painted on dresses, tops and bags, which comes as a welcome change after endless floral and fruity motifs. The outfits are mostly casual-wear and given their look, would certainly find an audience among youngsters, if purely on the strength of the motifs.

There's nothing flashy in the Wangdis' line, and you may be hard-pressed to find


Buzz: 3

Late-o-meter: 20 minutes

Wearability: 8

bright colours as well, but the slightly sober silhouettes ensure that most of these outfits are perfect for everyday wear, for women of all ages. The colours are mostly earthy – greens (moss, leaf, bottle), vivid and vibrant browns and creams, along with a small smattering of yellows, Indian pinks, silver-greys and shimmering whites.

The use of crochet is an interesting embellishment and has been granted much visibility, in cuffs, overskirts and most particularly the long and very attractive hemlines.

First Published: Sep 02, 2006 15:57 IST