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'We keep an eye but people must be careful and not take lifts'

An interview with Maheshwar Dayal, Gurgaon deputy commissioner of Police (crime) on cabbie gangs operating in Gurgaon, Haryana.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, Gurgaon
UPDATED ON MAR 02, 2012 01:34 AM IST

Maheshwar Dayal, Gurgaon deputy commissioner of Police (crime)

How many cabbie gangs are operating in the city? How many accused have been caught till now?
Now, there are no gangs in operation. While we had busted a highway cabbie gang from Mewat in January, another group too was active. But even that gang's members have been nabbed. A total of three gangs have been arrested till now.

What steps are you taking to stop these criminals?
We are trying to make the public more aware by advising them not to take lifts. We have asked the transport department to improve the local transport service in city. Strict action will be taken against criminals involved in attacking passengers.

Why are such gangs active mainly in Gurgaon for the last 5 years?
It is because of the poor transport service and increasing BPOs and multi-national offices in the city. There a lot of migrants in Gurgaon who come for work and don't have personal vehicles.

Why are educated people also getting involved in such crimes?
The young generation wants easy money and they do not believe in hard work. They find robbing lonely people a quick way. The level of education is not that high. The thought of earning R50,000 a night, if they are lucky, is very lucrative for them.

If people have no other option than to take lifts, what can one do?
People should avoid taking lifts, especially at night, from strangers. The best way to travel is with known people or in a car pool. After so many cases being reported, one should avoid taking lifts. Companies should also provide transport facility for staff who work in night shifts.

All gangs employ the same modus operandi. Even after informing people not to take lifts they continue to do so. Most victims are educated and work in BPOs but they don't take the matter seriously. We have put signboards on vulnerable points but people turn a blind eye.

What other measures is the police department taking?
We have deployed our forces on almost all major road intersections and at all Metro stations in Gurgaon. We keep an eye but people themselves have to be responsible. The police are working on many cases and as compared to other places, Gurgaon has a lower crime rate.

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