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'What's happening, guys?'

The continuing poor performance of Team India exasperates our surfers.

india Updated: Oct 28, 2006 10:17 IST

India's no-show in the Champion's Trophy has really put off surfers. Chappell-Dravid combine and their plans (or rather a lack of it) has irritated surfers no end. Theloss to West Indieswas no different.

Many want Sourav Ganguly back while some would want Sehwag and Raina out.

Here's how the feedback went.

Sameer Bali was quite clear that having Ganguly at the helm of affairs would serve India well.

"The performance of Sehwag, Kaif and Raina is much below acceptable levels. In their place, Sourav Ganguly deserves place as an opener for world cup," he said.

K Parwez was quite perturbed at the team management's game plan of having five bowlers.

"I cannot understand this - a four-fast-bowlers policy on Indian wickets! The world knows that Indian wickets help spinners. Then why are Chappell and Dravid doing this again and again?"

"And is Raina a better player than Kaif? I don't think so. Kaif is the right player for the number three position. If we want to win against Australia then we should go with an extra batsman, not with five bowlers," he added.

Laxman felt Indian bowlers could not contain the run-feast in the match against West Indies.

He said, "Bowlers have failed to stem the flow of runs in the initial phase. I cannot understand whether Irfan is a bowler or batsman. In both ways his performance is below par. Can we not get another Munaf to bowl from the other end?"

Arunachal wanted to know why Dravid never thought of playing Ramesh Powar.

He asked, "Mr Dravid, why has Ramesh Powar not impressed you yet?"

Rangam Mitra felt Agarkar was hardly a professional player.

He said, "How is it that there is no (adverse) comment on Agarkar's bowling performance? He might have talent but such a performance should bar him from selection in the future. After all he is a professional player and not a Sunday club cricketer!"

Raj from Los Angeles, USA, had very uncharitable things to say about the Indian cricket team. He felt it was nothing but a case of indiscipline and surfeit of money.

"Team India is a blot, a disgrace not only for all cricket lovers in India but for all the hordes of companies that have their products endorsed by these packs of 'flaky' outfit."

"I see only one way to redress this appalling situation - and trust me, this would bear result much faster than of Chappell pep talks."

"Here is the mantra. Have BCCI announce that players' salaries and, more importantly, their product endorsement contracts would be amended to have the payments split into various instalments and that each instalment would be tied to the player's performance in the last five games immediately preceding the payment."

"Take my word. This will work like a charm. Our players have got so comfortable to the celebrity lifestyle that there is no downside to non-performance."

Nag felt it's about time Laxman and Kumble are recalled.

Jingran felt Greg should be sent back to Australia.

Anil said, "Dravid, Sehwag, Raina and Pathan should be kept out of the Indian team and Ganguly, Gambhir, Powar and Zaheer should be brought back."

Krish felt India needed to change the team. "Get back Dinesh Mongia and Sreesanth. Drop Raina and VRV Singh," he added.

All views and opinions presented in this article are solely those of the surfers and do not necessarily represent those of

First Published: Oct 28, 2006 10:17 IST