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When nothing's going your way...

Shallini Agarwal talks of those times in life when we feel distressed and totally drained of energy.

india Updated: Jun 10, 2006 15:55 IST

There are many moments in life when we feel distressed and totally drained of energy with our zeal and zest for living lost somewhere. It seems nothing is going well and despite all our endeavors, we are unable to make things move the way we want them to.

There are moments when we no longer like to live the pattern of life that we are leading. We feel that withdrawal is the best possible way out and want to have a calm atmosphere to bring our mind into a state of peace, where we will get some time to introspect, look over the deeds we have done and visualise the consequences of all these.

But the irony of the present time is that the fast pace of life doesn't allow us to ponder over deeds, aspirations, hopes and wishes. These are considered futile in today's materialistic world. At times people feel that life is nothing but momentary pleasure and happiness, which seems to be sufficient for most.

But scripture teaches us that it's wise to understand that God has prescribed a particular world for everyone. Despite our best effort, if we don't acquire what we desperately want in our life, it means that it was not meant for us. We love the things we want to have in life but sometimes we should also love those things we already have.

God says in the Bhagvad Gita, "Nothing stands still; Change is the law of nature." This holds true for everybody and for every situation in which we undergo emotional trauma.

But things will return to normal in due course. The only thing required for a calm and peaceful state of mind is to avoid immediate reaction. And we will enjoy the world anew. Who knows, we may enjoy things like never before. Let's always remember that when any emotional blow hits us, God has His own plans for our life of which we are not aware. So let's be confident and face the new turn with head held high.

First Published: Jun 07, 2006 12:06 IST