Wonder in the womb: Part II
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Wonder in the womb: Part II

The third month takes on the mantle of the love of the Trinity, that is the coming together of the human energies of the Mother, the Father and the Child.

india Updated: Dec 18, 2003 13:08 IST

When the little soul realizes that it has all of nine months only to experience itself as half-human and half-spirit, it becomes intent on utilizing these nine months to fully enjoy its splendorous journey into the physical world. The slight tinge of fear that was underlying all the grand excitement of this saga becomes a bit stronger, knowing that separation will occur again, at the end of the gestation period.

The first month is called the month of Unity. This is the month when the tiny light particle is still very much a part of the Creator, meeting with all the Heavenly Beings, angels and guides, who are a vital part of the plan of the human journey ahead. All the relevant guidance is received at this stage, and the little soul is still with Creator Consciousness.

It is during the second month of pregnancy that the splitting of its consciousness becomes evident. One part of the soul wishes to remain as the Creator Principle, while the other part is fully demanding that it adheres to human life principles. Most of its time is spent in balancing the two forces. (This is also the time when many women tend to abort their children, as the pull of the Heavens overwhelms the soul, and it feels unwelcome in the physical world). This whole month is normally spent in readjusting the energies of the spiritual, to accommodate the energies of the 'human'. This becomes the month when the process of duality in the consciousness becomes the reality.

The third month takes on the mantle of the love of the Trinity, that is the coming together of the human energies of the Mother, the Father and the Child. Fun and excitement follow, as the baby gets connected to the Mother's thoughts, as it's heart beats in tandem with the Mother's heart. If the mother gets angry or upset, these feelings are conveyed instantly to the baby, making it feel disappointed that being human is not a joyful thing after all. The feeling of separation from the Source sets in, for when it is fully connected with the Source, only love is experienced, the rest are all human emotions.

At about the middle of the third month it becomes even clearer to the baby that another soul that is the Father's is becoming deeply involved with its growth. It can hear Dad somewhat, and longs for a stronger communication level. (So Dads, are you listening? Do speak lovingly and longingly to the baby from the third month onwards, as the vibrational impact can be heard and felt). Feelings of trust and truth develop, making the family complete its circle of love.

The fourth month marks the time of complete thought transference between the parents and the growing child, who has by now developed its physical characteristics relating to the sex it preferred to adopt. It becomes even more essential, and of utmost importance to experience only love, love and more love at this time, especially between the parents. Full conversations can take place if you listen carefully, and the little one will even dance for you if you ask it to! All that kicking and movement is actually the baby's vivacious and happy response to the excitement of the new parents!

To be continued...

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First Published: Dec 18, 2003 13:08 IST