Zero budget decor ideas

Who says you need to drill a big hole into your pocket to be the proud owner of a flaunt-worthy quirky space? Here are some quirky decor ideas to spruce up your home without spending a penny.

india Updated: Apr 13, 2013 00:43 IST
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Here are some quirky decor ideas to spruce up your home without spending a penny

Who says you need to drill a big hole into your pocket to be the proud owner of a flaunt-worthy quirky space? Isn’t creativity all about being different, imaginative and making the best use of the resources that you have at your disposal? If you look for discarded objects in your house, you’ll find plenty of old wine bottles, worn out luggage, old boots, throw away pile of clothes, old saucers and plates and a lot of other such stuff that you have no idea what to do with. With a bit of imagination, you can give these discarded items a fab makeover and use them as statement pieces in your house. We share with you some super cool and fun-to-do ideas that’ll surely make your pad the talk of the town without shelling out any money.

Have fun with paper
Have a drab looking wall and don’t want to spend big bucks doing a paint job? Make a cool statement by covering the wall with newspaper. You can also tear off pages from old fairy tale books or magazines and paste them on the wall. Want more fun? Tear the edges in an abstract manner. Burn the edges of the pages for a vintage look. Best thing about this makeover: You can get a new look whenever you want just by taking off some pages or adding new ones. chair Give a new twist to the term grandfather chair by using your family’s vintage luggage. Nail your old suitcase on a sturdy four legged stool or a wooden chair. Then line it with fluffy cushions or mattresses on the upper and lower cases to make it comfortable to lounge in. For a eclectic touch, use brightly coloured cushion covers and duvets to add a pop of colour. This DIY is perfect to utilise your grandmother’s antique suitcases that you are too attached to dispose of!

Cushion up to a tee
Have an oversized T-shirt lying in your closet? Why not use it as a trendy cushion cover? You can also use old tops, kurtas with embroidery and peppy prints as cushion and pillow covers. Slip your cushion inside the tee. Then, pull the sleeves and the extra bit of cloth to the back and stitch or secure it with safety pins.

A book lover’s seat
If you are an avid bookworm shacking in a tiny city apartment, get more benefits from your good reads! Make an easy ottoman by stacking them high enough for you to sit easily. Place a cushion on top for added comfort and fasten them all with your trusted old belts from the sides. Go ahead, happy reading!

A table on the go
If space constraints mar your home decor, use whimsical suitcases or iron trunks to store knick-knacks as well as fashion them as a side table. Just stack them on top of each other as use them as a side table. Be sure to knock in the bumpy surface to avoid having a wobbly table.

Trendy curtain that costs nothing!

If you have one of those gypsy block print skirts that you don’t feel like wearing anymore, why not turn it into a trendy curtain. Hang it on your window with the help of a thin spring wire. If the skirt is not big enough for your window, you can even take skirts in different colours and print and hang them together. You can also put old dupattas and saris to creative use by turning them into fun curtains.

How about a gum boot flower vase?
Don’t know what to do with worn-out boots? Well, before you give them away to the kabadiwala, think: What if you could turn them into cool and quirky flower vases? All you need to do is clean your boots thoroughly, let them dry under the sun for a few hours, and paint them in a pop colour. Insert a wine bottle inside the boot and fill it with water. Your statement flower vase is ready! Put long stemmed flowers in the glass and let friends rave about your cool, arty vase.

A floral fuse
Fused bulbs can make a quaint flower vase! Carefully remove the tungsten filament of the bulb with pliers. Clean the bulb, fill it with water and flowers. Then, suspend them on a wall with a string or secure it on a napkin ring.

Earring art, anyone?
Not really a fan of the single earring trend? We have a fun idea for you. Take a square or rectangular piece of sturdy mesh, and frame its corners neatly with a pretty sari border. Collect all the single earrings that you have and hang them on the mesh. You have a beautiful wall hanging ready.

Dishing up the wall
Have plenty of pretty saucers that you can’t use anymore as you have lost or broken the cups? Create an interesting display on the wall by hanging them on the wall, creating an abstract pattern.

Light up the good spirits
Don’t know what to do with the empty wine bottles in your home? Use them to set a romantic tone to a special evening. Wash the bottles and dry them thoroughly. Now, place a tiny string or fairy lights inside them and place them on a table to get a whimsical dim light.

First Published: Apr 12, 2013 17:36 IST