The image shows the girl inside the elevator.(Twitter/@PDChina)
The image shows the girl inside the elevator.(Twitter/@PDChina)

Girl gets dragged up, hangs mid-air after her leash gets stuck in elevator door. Thankfully, she’s safe

The video has now sparked all sorts of reactions online.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 02:26 PM IST

A heart-stopping video of a young girl in an elevator has now left people scared and angry. The video shows the tiny tot walking into an elevator, without any adult supervision, with a leash attached to her hand. Unaware that the leash is caught between the elevator doors, the girl presses the button to her desired floor. Within seconds, the scary incident takes place as the lift starts moving - she gets dragged up in the air and hangs there for about a minute. The elevator, then, goes into an emergency halt mode which saves the girl.

Detailing the incident, People’s Daily, China, shared the video on Twitter and Facebook. They also wrote a note of caution and asked people to watch their children all the time.

People expressed similar reactions on both the platforms. While some were relieved that the young one was safe, many were angry about the fact that an adult wasn’t accompanying her.

“There should be a parent ATTACHED to the other end of that lease,” wrote an irked Facebook user. “Where were the parents at that point?” asked another. “Unbelievable. Where are the parents that SHOULD BE ATTACHED AT THE OTHER END OF THAT LEASE????? This is child endangerment for sure. What charges were brought?????” wrote a third. “Thank god she is safe,” tweeted a fourth.

As for Twitter, a user of the platform wrote, “It’s incredibly impressive that the elevator detected the situation and went into emergency halt!! Cheers to the engineers.” “Omg! Parents and guardians must be very careful about their kids, who are so curious, active, and vulnerable,” expressed another.

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