Image shows a screengrab from Vietnamese Health Department PSA video(YouTube/MIN OFFICIAL)
Image shows a screengrab from Vietnamese Health Department PSA video(YouTube/MIN OFFICIAL)

Peppy song and dance videos go viral to spread awareness about coronavirus

Authorities are spreading awareness about coronavirus in form of song and dance.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2020 07:18 PM IST


Authorities are issuing PSAs to spread awareness

Many are turning to PSAs with catchy tunes and peppy dance moves

Internet influencers are joining in too

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has governments and healthcare officials scrambling to educate people on the best practices to follow to restrict the spread of the infection. Authorities are issuing public service announcement (PSA) videos to combat it. What’s interesting is that many are turning to catchy tunes and peppy dance moves to drive home the message about keeping one safe from the virus.

The Vietnamese Health Department shared an animated video on YouTube to share tips on how to stay safe from COVID-19. Named Jealous Coronavirus, the song has a catchy tune that quickly went viral. It details how a virus named ‘corona’ had a sudden breakout and now it has created the necessity for people to improve their hygiene habits. It also tells the ways in which one can restrict the spread of the virus – by washing hands, wearing masks, and limiting visits to crowded places.

The health department of Philippines also came up with their own video. It shows three people dancing to a song about the steps which can keep people safe during the outbreak. It tells everyone to wash their hands, maintain a certain distance from others, and to not touch one’s own face with dirty hands.

National Health Services (NHS) of the UK shared a video highlighting the importance of washing one’s hands amid the coronavirus pandemic. Further adding, “you should wash your hands for the amount of time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice.”

Ministry of Education, Singapore, isn’t far behind in letting people know about the ways in which one can stop the virus from spreading. “Want to know how to beat the virus? Just follow these simple steps: Wash your hands with soap. Don’t touch your face,” they wrote and shared a rap-styled video on YouTube.

It’s not just the authorities, social media influencers and Internet stars are also doing their bit by sharing creative awareness videos.

Vietnam’s celebrated dancer Quang Đăng shared his disease-fighting dance moves to inspire people to wash their hands and take care of themselves. It even inspired a viral TikTok trend.

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#ghencovychallenge #handwashingmove #coronahanddance #VuDieuRuaTay 🌏 Because more international friends are coming to this post so I will change this to English for everyone: COVID-2019 disease is spreading, affecting people and social activities. Regular handwashing is considered a simple and effective method to protect the community from diseases (according to the World Health Organization). According to research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 78% of people say they wash their hands often but only 25% actually wash their hands after going to the toilet, 20% wash their hands before cooking. To spread the habit of washing your hands to prevent this disease, I invite you to take part in the #ghencovychallenge challenge with me. Game rules: You perform the dance of the song Ghen Co Vy with 6 hand washing movements as recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, based on the music song COVID-19 prevention - Jealousy, cooperation between Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, musician Khac Hung, singer Min and singer Erik. Take this challenge or share the following epidemic prevention habits: 1. Wash your hands often with soap or an antiseptic solution. 2. Do not put hands on eyes, nose and mouth. 3. Regularly clean personal hygiene, hygiene of utensils, houses and surroundings. 4. Wear a mask to go to public places, on vehicles or when you are sick. 5. Self-awareness to improve health for themselves, the family and the community. 6. People with symptoms of COVID-19 have high fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. or close contact with infected person / person suspected of COVID-19 and limit contact with other people and contact local health facilities. After completing the challenge, SHARE + TAG immediately 2 friends want to join this challenge. ✌ 🌐 for news reporters and press who want to use my video, please feel free to do so. 🌐 for people want to dance my choreography, please feel free to do so, it's all yours 🌐 join hands to spread this extremely useful message! 😉 #handwashdance #handwashingdance

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Iranian comedia Danial Kheirikhah too shared an orchestral-themed video to spread awareness about the proper way to wash one’s hands.

First reported in China, the novel coronavirus has now spread in many countries across the world. With 60 people testing positive for COVID-19 in India, authorities are implementing several methods to restrict the spread.

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