Python wraps itself around woman’s leg. Watch what happens next

The video will you scared but also impressed.
The officer helping unwrap the python from the woman’s leg.(Facebook/Queensland Police Service)
The officer helping unwrap the python from the woman’s leg.(Facebook/Queensland Police Service)
Updated on Oct 19, 2020 09:56 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, New Delhi | ByAmrita Kohli

“On a scale of no worries to HELL NO, which would you be in this sssscenario?” says a post shared by Queensland Police Service on Facebook. By ‘this scenario’ they mean if you were in the place of this woman in Australia who had a python wrapped around her leg. Are you shuddering just by reading this? Wait till you watch the video.

The clip shows a cop helping to uncoil the python from the woman’s leg. What’s interesting is how calm they both were during the situation.

According to 7NEWS, the Queensland resident noticed her cat had cornered a wild carpet python. Since the woman is a snake owner herself, she set out to rescue the reptile. However, the python panicked and wrapped itself around her leg. Unable to uncoil the huge snake herself, she was forced to call emergency services.

In the video, captured on a cop’s bodycam, you hear one of the officer’s saying, “You’re in a bit of a pickle!”

The two then proceed to remove the snake from her leg. “If I had a friend over or someone, I, we, could’ve sorted it,” the woman says in the video.

Eventually, once they manage to remove the snake off her leg, she proceeds to carry it to some bushes close by and sets it free.

Watch the incident in the video below:

Shared on October 16, the video has collected almost 8,000 reactions and more than 5,800 comments. Several people have posted reactions, mentioning specially how calm the woman was considering it was a wild snake.

“Do you want some help getting him back in his pen… He’s not mine, he’s wild,” wrote a Facebook user mentioning the conversation between the two. “I personally would be passed out cold and not know what was going on,” shared another.

“Harmless Carpet Python... I thought the police woman was amazing and knew what she was doing... The victim knew what she was doing too but just needed that little bit of help to remove the python,” posted a third. “Can’t believe how calm she is. Well done everyone,” added a fourth.

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